4 Pandemic-Friendly Business Ideas for Aspiring Entrepreneurs

The pandemic has hit business of all types very hard. According to online review site Yelp, more than 140,000 business of all sizes closed temporarily due to restrictions. However, almost 98,000 businesses have gone from temporary closure to permanent closure because of the financial strain.

Small businesses are more resilient than you might think, though. Although almost all of them are still in survival mode until the pandemic is under control, entrepreneurs are finding new ways to remain in operation. Other more enterprising business owners are opening new companies that are more suited to the new realities imposed by the pandemic.

Learn about four small business ideas that are perfect for making a living and a tidy profit through the pandemic.

1. Mobile Food Service

Restaurants are some of the most hard-hit businesses all over the world. But food-lovers and cooks need not be in distress. Mobile food services such as food trucks and meal deliveries are increasing in popularity. These businesses provide hot, delicious food to customers without increased ricks of exposure due to public gatherings.

Companies like Elakeside can provide the necessary storage and kitchen solutions if you plan on opening your own mobile food business. Some mobile food services act just like restaurants with only take-out options, or they can provide meal kits in boxes containing ingredients.

2. Online Craft Store

A lot of people who are stuck inside their homes have taken to exploring their crafts and hobbies. If you have any creative endeavors or passions, you can turn it into a source of income. People are going on platforms like Etsy or Pinterest to advertise their wares and look for ideas.

For example, homemade soaps and candles are quickly becoming more popular thanks to social media and you can cash in on these trends. All you need are the materials to make your product, a great online marketplace and an easily accessible courier service.

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3. Digital Tutor

The pandemic has affected more than 6 million learners in the United States as governments have closed or only partially opened their schools to avoid infection. Parents are looking for knowledgeable and nurturing individuals or home tuition agency Singapore who can teach their children effectively over video conferencing platforms. Digital tutors need to be trained in their subjects, preferably with actual teaching experience and a reliable internet connection. You’ll also need to be able to handle children of all ages effectively over video if you want to be a good tutor.

4. Delivery Services

With millions of people encouraged to stay indoors and restrict movement as much as possible, there is a booming need for people to ship goods around. Courier and delivery services are becoming essential, especially for people who are at risk such as older adults and those with underlying conditions.

Delivery services can specialize in ferrying food, online shopping packages or even groceries. Aside from a vehicle like a car or even a motorcycle, you need to have personal protective equipment. This will help keep you safe from contamination and protect your customers.

Necessity is the mother of invention, and it forms the foundation of profitable businesses. You can ensure you have a steady source of income by catering to the necessities of people during this pandemic with these business ideas.

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