4 Projects Brits Can Do to Bring Out Their Inner DIY Skills While Social Distancing

The coronavirus pandemic in the UK is keeping people inside their homes for a long time. The question is, what can they do to help pass the time? One option is to unleash their inner DIY talent with these ideas:

Dig and Add Soakaway Crates

For those living in areas with sandy, silt, or loamy soil, one of the notable domestic projects they can do is installing soakaway crates. Also known as attenuation crates, these are milk-crate-looking tools that can perform two functions. One, they can help drain water to avoid the risk of flooding or buildup. Two, they can filter debris, especially stones. This way, these particles don’t end up clogging the plumbing system.

People can buy these crates from an online plastic drainage company. While they’re there, they can also shop for other plumbing tools for more DIY-related projects. Plastic is an excellent material since it doesn’t corrode even when exposed to water. It is also durable and affordable.

Note: How about areas with clay soil? Soakaway crates may not be useful since the type of soil can retain a lot of water.

Paint the Doors and Kitchens

Remodelling the home while social distancing doesn’t have to be expensive or complicated. One of these projects is painting the doorway and kitchen.

These are two areas of the house that can increase resale value or offer high returns for a minimum cost. It’s just a matter of knowing which colour sells the best. According to Zillow’s Pain Colour Analysis, a black door may increase the property’s value by 2.9%. A combination of dark and light colours may work better in the kitchen. An example will be black or navy blue cabinetry against an off-white wall.

Arrange the Garage


Clutter can increase stress levels. It can also negatively affect the brain, especially cognition, which prefers order. In turn, it can result in bad behaviour, such as decreased productivity. It may also increase the chances of anxiety and depression.

Now that Brits have more time in their hands, they can become Marie Kondo and start sorting out their stuff. They can begin in the garage, which usually ends up as a default storage area. They can organise their belongings into three categories: for donation, for sale, and for bins. They may then put up wall shelves for the items they wish to retain.

Note: Garages can also be helpful these days. They can serve as a disinfection area for those who need to go out for work or groceries. It helps limit the odds that they can bring the virus inside their home.

Fix the Gutter

Now is an excellent time to start paying attention to the roof and see to it that it’s in good condition. It doesn’t have holes, or no animals are turning it into their homes. If this is a complicated project, the next best thing is to deal with the gutter.

The gutter can contain a lot of debris, such as fallen leaves and twigs and even poop from animals like birds. When these accumulate, water doesn’t run through anymore. It may then increase the risk of mold and mildew buildup. The gutter can also become heavier and is now more prone to breakage and damage.

These projects won’t only help quell feelings of anxiety and distress but also make the home safer and cosier for the long days ahead.

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