5 Lucrative Holiday-Themed Businesses Anyone Can Start

The Holiday season can be a busy period for most businesses in many sectors and provide ample opportunities for entrepreneurs to explore new ventures. It’s also the time when most people are willing to spend more. In fact, Holiday shopping accounts for 30% of all retail sales every year.

Whether you’re looking to earn some extra income or display your talents this holiday season, here are fun and profitable holiday-themed businesses to try.

Setting up Yards and Lawns

Most homeowners like the look of a fully decorated property during the holidays, but many don’t have the time or willingness to do it themselves. So, it’s best to take advantage of this and set up decorations on their yards and lawns for the holidays. If you’ve been thinking of investing or franchising a lawn service business, doing this over the holidays is a great way to see if it’s a worthy venture you should jump into.

Sell Handmade Christmas Decorations 

If you like making handmade decorations, whether it’s customized Christmas ornaments or socks, take advantage of your talent by creating a line of decorative items and sell them on the internet or at your local retail shops during the holidays. Many individuals prefer to give personalized items to their loved ones, so embrace this and showcase your talent to the world.

Remember that your crafts don’t need to be holiday-themed, and you can also offer various handcrafted gifts people would want to give to their loved ones all year round.

holiday dinner

Food Trays for Parties

If you love cooking and want to make extra money this holiday season, take advantage of your love for the craft and whip up food trays for office and house parties. It’s a great way to garner additional cash and the perfect time to establish your catering business if that’s your goal. However, to launch any food-related operation, you’re required to get additional licenses and permits.

Cookies and Sweets

Cookies and other sweets are synonymous with the holidays and expect many people willing to pay for them. If you love baking and have the talent for it, take advantage of this cookie-filled holiday season by selling your goods online or at your local bakeries. If you have the facilities, you can also create your own pop-up space at your local mall or farmers’ market or contact businesses who may need baked goods for office parties or gifts to employees.

Another sweet idea is setting up a stand at local farmers’ markets or other high foot-traffic areas selling homemade hot cocoa, giving individuals the extra sweetness and warmth needed this holiday season.

Homemade Soaps and Shampoo Bars

If you have the passion and skills for creating homemade soaps, shampoo bars, and other personal care products, it’s best to showcase your talent during the holidays. Handmade artisan holiday-themed soaps made from organic ingredients can be a huge hit among many as it makes the perfect stocking stuffers for the adults in our lives during the holidays, giving them a fun scent to try this Christmas.

Although it’s the busiest time of the year, the holiday season is the best time to introduce yourself to the world of business or make extra income. That’s because many people are in the ‘buying’ mood and are willing to splurge. Explore the ideas mentioned to make extra money or launch your business during the upcoming festive season.

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