6 Effective Ways to Promote Restaurants and Bars on Social Media

More than 75% of consumers bought products because they came across it on social media, and 60.7% of them need to see a post at least 2 to 4 times from the company before finalizing their decision, making an intentional social media strategy plan crucial for your food establishment to thrive.

As a bar or restaurant, diving into social media is a great way to stay ahead of your competition and the forefront of your consumers’ minds. Whether you’re considering franchising a Golden Chick restaurant or a trendy bar, here are tips to give you the edge amongst your competition and master social media marketing.

Set Up A Facebook Page and Place Multiple Locations

Create a Facebook business page and include all your business’ information to make you more recognizable and accessible to users. If you have several locations, Facebook is a great place to advertise all of it. It can benefit you by allowing your page to pop up for customers within your business’s premises. Doing this will enable you to quickly reshare from location pages to the main page, promote location-specific menu specials, and give you easier access to customer location-specific reviews.

Take Advantage of Twitter

Twitter is a popular social media platform that spreads the word around — fast. It’s ideal for sharing daily meal deals, promotions, last-minute menu changes, fun facts about your meals, and pictures. It’s wise to include popular hashtags in your content to reach a broader audience like #ilovepizza or #chocolatelover. You can also try promoted tweets to make your best tweets even more visible to a targeted audience.

Promote Subtly — But Effectively

Most promotional content from big restaurants and bars talk about discounts and products too much and can be overwhelming and uninteresting for customers. Remember that these don’t need to be blatant marketing. Approach promotional posts like you would do with a stranger at a party. Start by sharing information about your business while mostly engaging with people, holding a conversation with your customers, and piquing their interests.

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Start Blogging and Share Content On Your Social Media Profiles

Blogging provides several benefits for your food establishment, which includes but isn’t limited to expanding your reach, raising brand awareness, and helping your customers. You can blog about anything related to your restaurant or bar, such as new meal photos, facts, recipes, and customer favorites, then link your posts to your social media networks. Be sure to stick with a particular niche and voice when blogging to stand out.

Post At The Right Time

Although posting content frequently is a great practice, you should also know when are the ‘best times’ to post. However, before doing this, ensure you understand your core demographic first by analyzing your current store’s traffic to know when is the best time to reach your customers. For instance, if your bar doesn’t open until 5 pm, posting about happy hours at 9 am won’t do well.

Practice Influencer Marketing

Influencers on social media, be it on YouTube or TikTok, are some of the biggest celebrities today, and taking advantage of their reach is a great way to make your restaurant or bar known. You can do this by inviting these influencers to showcase experiences they genuinely enjoy. Another approach is creating a collaborative menu item or event with them.

When users turn to the internet to satisfy their hunger, you’ll want your brand to be the first in mind, and the tips mentioned can help you with just that — and improve brand awareness and traffic to your establishment.

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