A Party to Remember: Throw a Party Your Guests Will Never Forget

Are you thinking of throwing a party but don’t know how to start? Here are a few things we put together to help you get started and throw one for the books.

Give them something new.

Don’t you just hate going to parties and find the same old thing done every time? Well, you’re not alone.

Liven things up by bringing something new to the party. It may be a different theme, an out-of-this-world set-up, an exotic menu, outlandish games, whatever. Your creativity is your limit. Make things interesting for your guests and they will talk about your party for weeks on end.

Start the party strong.

Bring out the drinks early on. A shot or two at the beginning of the party is sure to loosen your guests up. Serve some tequila or margaritas upon your guests’ arrival and watch them quickly shift from stiff to chill.

Serve great food.

One of the things people look forward to when going to parties is the food. Having a great caterer with the right catering equipment in Croydon, Kent or London can make a huge impact on your guests, especially if the food served is mindblowing.

However, good food doesn’t always have to be expensive. If you’re a decent cook and know your way around the kitchen, the right menu should do the trick. Get inspiration from great cooking sites or books.

Have a lively playlist.

A gathering of people without music might as well be a meeting.

In any party, the music matters. This will be your backdrop for the rest of the night. Prepare a lively playlist to get your guests in the mood for a night of dancing and fun.

Crank the volume up at the beginning to get your guests in party-mode. You can adjust the volume throughout the night depending on the activity you will do.

Invite different personalities and characters to the fun.

dance party

Don’t be afraid to invite a circus to your party. Mix up your guest list with people from different age groups (only invite kids to parties suitable for them), professions, and backgrounds. The interaction between different personalities will make for an interesting evening and should keep people on their toes.

Bring a wildcard over.

Speaking of interesting personalities, make sure you invite a wild card to liven up the scene. You know, the ones who are over-the-top hilarious and are up for anything. These are the ones that will keep everyone entertained and laughing with their wit, jokes, and crazy antics. With them around, your party is guaranteed to never have a dull moment.

Have something interactive for your guests to do.

While most people love to talk and touch base, having fun and interactive stuff to do at a party makes it more enjoyable and memorable. You can set-up a games-and-activities corner or you can delegate tasks for some of your more hospitable guests to do like being the bartender of the night or playing the DJ.

Give your guests several things to do that they can choose from so they don’t get bored at your party.

Loosen up!

As the host, it is understandable that you would want things to go as smoothly as it possibly can. However, learn how to let go, especially of things that you have no control over. The last thing that a fun party needs is an uptight and stressed-out host. Relax and have a great time with your guests. As long as you did your part in preparing for the party, the party will take care of itself.

So what are you waiting for? Plan that killer party and start sending out the invites. It’s gonna be epic!

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