A Prepaid Funeral Plan: a Final Act of Kindness

With the average funeral costing as much as five thousand pounds, dying is proving to be an expensive affair in the United Kingdom. Add that to the fact that death is an uncomfortable subject, and the matters become a tad complicated.

Rather than burdening an already grieving family with such a substantial funeral expense, you can take advantage of the affordable funeral packages in the UK. Other than relieving the family of the financial burden, you get to have the funeral of your dreams.

Customise Your Send-off

Naturally, you have no control as to how your existence comes to an end, but you now have a chance to choose an interment process that suits your style. You can have the funeral process reflect the kind of life that you’ve led or the kind of a person that you were. Best of all, you can do this without putting your grieving family and relatives through hell or burdening them with a pricy tab.

If you’re a conservation enthusiast, you can choose an eco-friendly funeral and have it take place in a burial site that is reflective of your values. On the other hand, you can have a convoy of limousines escort you to your final resting place in a ceremony full of pomp and colour. When picking out a funeral plan, you can leave detailed instructions with your wishes and preferences during the final journey. The service providers pass these requests to a funeral director and meet the entire cost of the ceremony.

Let Your Family Grieve in Peace

Coming to terms with the loss of a loved one is harsh, especially when it happens unexpectedly. That is not to say that it gets any easier. In most cases, people need a little time to grieve and reconcile with the loss. Leaving it up to them to make funeral arrangements only serves to compound their pain.

Going for a funeral plan saves them from the hassle that comes with arranging a funeral. By sparing your family from this pain, you can give them time to grieve properly, which is crucial to getting over a bereavement. Even in your demise, you can gift them with one final act of thoughtfulness and kindness.

Overcome Any Objection

Mother talking to a funeral director while crying

It’s common for family members to have different values and beliefs, some of which fall on the other end of the spectrum. You might be a tad too liberal in your world view for the liking of your conservative family. Instead of turning your funeral into one ugly fight for the family, you can state your wishes explicitly in your funeral plan.

You can have the funeral of your dreams without starting a raging legal battle between your family members. An expressly written authorisation of your wishes is possible in a court of law if it ever came to that. Either way, you will have a funeral that suits the kind of life that you’ve led.

Death and funerals account for one of life’s most painful moments, and it takes an emotional toll on the bereaved family. Signing up for a prepaid funeral plan makes the grieving process easier on your loved ones.

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