Building a Storm-resistant Home

Increasing global temperatures play a significant role in the increasing intensity of storms. This situation has made it important for property owners to ensure they build storm-resistant homes. They should focus on making their homes their place of security and refuge.

Property owners should make sure their homes can survive hurricanes, which have devasted a good part of the country in the past few decades. Aside from hurricanes, tornadoes also caused millions of dollars in damages over the past few years. So, property owners should plan for these disasters when designing and building their homes. Here are some tips they should consider when building a storm-resistant home.

Ensure Trees Do Not Affect the House

The first thing that property owners should do is ensure that any trees in the property do not affect the house. While they are eco-friendly and offer several benefits for the homeowner, they should make sure they cannot affect the house if a severe storm arrives.

Property owners should remember that trees have a significant effect on their homes if they come down in the middle of a severe storm. Aside from the possibility of coming down on the house, loose branches of these trees can break the house’s windows.

So, homeowners should prevent this and remove loose branches on the trees. If they plan to have trees on their property, they should look for hurricane-resistant trees. These trees can withstand wind damage caused by severe storms.

Use High-Quality Materials for the Home

Property owners should also use high-quality materials for their homes. While economizing on the materials is tempting, property owners should think twice since it will affect the integrity of their homes. They should use hurricane-proof construction materials.

Using concrete for the walls is better than using wood. If property owners find wood appealing, they can use it to finish the walls and use concrete as its foundation. Steel panels and concrete-filled foam panels are also good options since they can withstand wind along with flying debris that will come due to the storm.

Property owners should also make sure the foundation of the home is durable. A durable foundation allows the home to stay erect even in the middle of a severe storm.

Insulate the Home
man wearing ppe spraying foam insulation

Insulating the home is also important to keep the cold out during winter and keep it in during summer. Insulation is also important to keep exposed water pipes from freezing during winter. Aside from insulating the house, property owners should also use waterproofing materials on the exterior of the home to prevent water and moisture from seeping into the house.

The demand for these products can increase as more people want to protect their homes from the elements. So, looking for a reliable render supplier ensures the homeowner will have a suitable supply of the product. The product should also last long and provide suitable protection for the home.

Keep the Home Safe from Flooding

Even though flooding happens anywhere, some areas in the United States are prone to get inundated whenever a severe storm comes. Due to this, property owners should protect their homes from this natural calamity.

They should check the base flood elevation of their property and plan to increase the home’s elevation if it is under the flood line. Doing this allows property owners to ensure their homes stay safe even after floodwaters rise.

Property owners also have the option of floodproofing their homes. Floodproofing involves using special waterproofing compounds on the walls of the home. The compound will keep the home dry even if water is already surrounding the property. They can also use waterproof materials to protect it from flooding when building the home.

Use Hurricane-Proof Windows

Strong winds pose a significant threat to a home during a severe storm. They can easily break ordinary windows and threaten the property owners. To prevent this, property owners should use hurricane-proof windows to ensure they do not break when a storm comes.

Hurricane-proof or stormproof windows are made of polyvinyl butyral (PVB). The material can hold glass together even if strong winds start to pound on the window. Its impact-resistant glass can also withstand projectiles that hit it in the middle of a storm.

Even if these windows break due to strong impact, they do not break into shards, ensuring property owners’ safety. These windows come in different thickness levels, with the thickets glass providing better security against impacts.

Ensuring a home can withstand severe storms is essential to keep property owners safe when this natural calamity comes.

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