Care and Maintenance Tips for Gold Jewelry

Gold jewelry is definitely appealing. They go well with any outfit and can brighten up an entire look. Just as beautiful as they are, gold jewelry can get very costly. Those who invest in them should know how to properly care for them in order to retain their natural shine and dazzling appeal. Here are some tips to take care of gold jewelry.

Wearing Tips

Gold is a soft metal, which means that it’s prone to dents, scratches, and dings, if not cared for properly. When wearing your gold jewelry, be careful not to hit hard surfaces. Take them off before engaging in high contact sports.

You also have to remember that chlorine is gold’s strongest enemy. It weakens the structure of the gold, which ultimately leads to irreparable damage and breaking. So make sure to remove all gold jewelry before taking a bath, jumping in the pool, or indulging in the spa. Also, take them off when cleaning the house to avoid damage caused by force and cleaning materials.

Another tip is to wear your jewelry last. When getting ready in the morning or at night before a special event, the makeup, perfume, and hair sprays we apply can damage the quality of the gold. Ideally, they should be worn after you’re finished getting ready to ensure that they’re not exposed to any substances.

Storing Tips

Because gold is prone to gradual wear and tear, you should be extremely careful when storing your gold jewelry. Don’t make it a habit to leave it out on the table, exposed to harmful circumstances and objects. Instead, keep them in a clean, dry, jewelry box. Take note that the box should be fabric-lined to prevent dents and scratches.

Store each gold jewelry separately so that they don’t entangle with and scratch each other. If you don’t have separate boxes for all your jewelry, wrap each in a soft cloth to ensure adequate protection.

Cleaning Tips

Every now and then, you should be cleaning your jewelry. That’s because they are exposed to sweat, skin oils, dust, and makeup, among several other substances when worn. This can eventually damage your gold jewelry without the proper maintenance efforts.

To keep the shine of your gold jewelry, soak them in a solution of 10 parts warm water and 2 parts dish soap. Leave them for 3 hours and gently scrub them with a very soft brush. Once that’s done, rinse with clean water and dry with a soft cloth. Rubbing alcohol is also a good solution to clean your jewelry, but stay away from bleach. Also, be careful not to clean them too much, as you might be causing more harm to the gold than good. Only conduct cleaning when you see visible dirt or oil on the surface.

Professional cleaning and maintenance

Checking the diamonds

No matter how much care you give to your gold jewelry, it’s still ideal to have a professional take a look at them. At least once a year, visit a jewelry store to have your gold jewelry cleaned. If you want to repurpose your jewelry, there are gold refinery shops like Sam Precious Metals that can help.

Whether you spent a lot on buying that gold piece of jewelry or it was given to you as a gift, you need to take care of it to retain its quality over time. Take these tips to properly care for your gold jewelry.

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