Five Construction Equipment That’ll Make Your Project a Lot Easier

Construction projects are the lifeblood of the construction industry in the United States. Without them, there’s simply no construction industry.

About 60% of projects in about ten states equal three trillion dollars in revenue for the industry. So that’s the worth more than the entire worth of the industry today. These projects are crucial to the industry’s growth, but they’re only worth it if they’re done efficiently.

Construction projects are complex and require the management of many different moving parts. Many people are involved in a construction project, from the designers to the engineers to the construction workers themselves. That’s why equipment plays a massive role in making a project possible. Here is some equipment you’ll need to make your projects much easier to manage.

Aerial Work Platforms

Your workers will be required to do a lot of work that involves heights. That’s why you’ll need an aerial work platform, which is machinery that helps workers reach high places easily.

There are many types of aerial work platforms, but the most popular ones are boom lifts, scissor lifts, and cherry pickers. Boom lifts are the best option if you need to reach great heights, while scissor lifts are better for horizontal movement. Cherry pickers are suitable for precise movements and can be used indoors and outdoors.

The average price of a new aerial work platform is around $50,000, but you can find used ones much cheaper. It’s good to look for used ones because they’re a lot more affordable, and since construction equipment is so resilient, they can last longer than you think.

Air Compressor

An air compressor is something that most small contractors forget to get for their projects. But they are essential to every project. Essentially, an air compressor powers tools that use air power, such as nail guns, jackhammers, and wrenches. Consider buying a pull-behind air compressor if you want something convenient and easy to bring around. This compressor can be towed, dragged, or lifted, making it easy to transport.

The average price of a new air compressor is around $1,000. Regarding this kind of equipment, it’s good to buy a brand new one in the market. Make sure to get one that’s also easy to maintain.


Excavating is crucial to every project. It’s usually the start of every project. Excavation is when you clear the land to make way for the construction. Contractors also excavate if they need to put sewage or have better access to the project underground. That’s why excavators are such an essential piece of equipment.

An excavator doing its job

There are many types of excavators, but the most popular ones are backhoes, mini-excavators, and wheeled excavators. Backhoes are good for digging trenches and holes, while mini-excavators are better for tight spaces. Wheeled excavators are good for maneuverability and can be used on all types of terrain.

The average price of a new excavator is around $80,000, but you can find used ones for much cheaper. Any construction vehicle tends to be quite expensive, so you should consider renting some of them when starting until you can afford to buy one.


Trenchers are a great alternative to excavators. If you need to dig trenches but don’t want to use an excavator, then trenchers are the way to go. They’re also suitable for other purposes, such as underground pipes and cables. There are many types of trenches, but the most popular ones are chain trenchers and wheel trenchers.

Chain trenchers are excellent for digging through hard soil, while wheel trenchers are great for softer soil. So, much like excavators, renting a trencher might be wiser than buying one. But because they’re relatively cheap (costing around $15,000), you might want to get one for your firm instead.

Dump Trucks

Dump trucks are one of the most popular construction vehicles. They transport materials such as concrete, sand, and gravel. Getting a dump truck that’s the right size for your project is essential. If you’re working on a small project, you might want to get a mini dump truck. But if you’re working on a large project, you’ll need a full-size dump truck.

The average price of a new dump truck is around $100,000, but you can find used ones for much cheaper. Like excavators and trenchers, it’s good to rent dump trucks if you’re starting in the construction business. But if you’re already established, you might want to buy one for your firm.

Construction projects are complex and challenging, but they can be a lot easier with the right equipment. They can also make a lot of difference in your firm’s future.

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