Do You Need Security Personnel For Your Business?

It’s obvious that hiring security personnel for your business will yield certain benefits. However, it also comes with additional costs that you may not be too keen to add to your operating budget. On top of that, you also have to go through the process of finding the right security guard for your business, which may not be too easy especially if you are busy with other matters.

Given these reasons, you might think that hiring a security guard is not worth it. However, let yourself be reminded of the old adage “an ounce of security is worth a pound of cure.” The cost and hassle of hiring security personnel may seem daunting right now, but having the added security for your business can prevent devastating losses in the future.

Before we answer the question “do you need to hire a security guard for your business?”, let’s talk about the reasons why you should hire one (or more) in the first place.

The benefits of having a security guard


The most important benefit of having a security guard for your business is the prevention of crime. Security personnel are trained to monitor for suspicious activity and act accordingly if something happens, such as shoplifting or a robbery. There are even security agencies such as Eagle Eye Security that cater to small businesses, in particular, offering maximum security to commercial properties.

A security guard is a better visual deterrent to criminals than a security camera or warning signs that the business is equipped with alarms. Because someone will be right there to stop their actions, criminals won’t be as motivated to target a business that has a security guard on the premises.

Peace of mind

Having a security guard on site can provide a sense of security to business owners, employees, and customers. People automatically feel safer when there is uniformed protection within the premises, which helps business run more smoothly as people are not constantly worried about their personal safety.

Crime response

The presence of a security guard is not always effective in preventing crime. When a criminal does rob or steal from a store, a security guard may be able to take down the suspect until authorities arrive. At the very least, they can take note of details about the suspect to forward to the police, as well as prevent anyone from getting hurt.

Not all security guards receive the same training for responding to a crime. Some are unarmed and are not trained to detain suspects, while some are armed and may be able to stop a crime taking place. It is your prerogative whether you want to hire an armed or unarmed security guard, and what level of training you want them to have.


Aside from keeping watch and patrolling property, security guards can do other monitoring tasks such as watching video surveillance, restricting access to particular areas, checking credentials of people who enter the premises, and preventing pilferage or contraband. When a security guard is present to do these tasks, business owners and employees can focus on their jobs without compromising the security of the premises.

Do you need a security guard?

security guard and dog

Every business owner can expect the benefits mentioned above. But for some businesses, hiring a security guard is more of a necessity rather than a luxury. These are the signs that may mean you are one of them:

1. Your business is located in a high-crime area

If your business is located in an area that is prone to crime, having tight security measures in place is essential. However, alarms, security cameras, and locks may not be enough to prevent crime from happening to your business. You may also need a security guard to actively deter thieves and robbers, especially at night.

2. You’re open 24 hours

Robberies and theft are more common in the nighttime. So if your business is open 24 hours, a security guard can add a higher level of safety to your business premises and everyone in it.

3. You’re experiencing theft and pilferage

Are you already experiencing losses due to shoplifting and pilferage? If so, having a security guard can limit those losses and reduce liability.

4. You are constantly worried about safety

If you find yourself constantly worrying about the safety of your business and employees, it will bring you peace of mind to have security personnel on the premises.

5. You serve alcohol

Any business that serves alcohol will benefit from having a security guard. Inebriated people who try to start anything will be cut short and escorted off the premises with a trained security guard.

As you can see, security guards bring a higher level of security to any business premises. If you think that you might need one, start looking for an agency that can meet your security needs.

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