Easy Steps to Starting a Personal Shopper Business

Having the flair and skills for shopping well can lead to a profitable career that you’ll love doing—and establishing a personal shopper business can be a great start. A personal shopper business offers clients assistance in their shopping needs, helping them buy various items, ranging from groceries to clothes. Clients can be anyone, including the elderly and busy individuals.

You can also provide more specialized assistance for clients, like helping them transform their sense of fashion to something that best showcases their features.

Whether you’re considering starting a personal shopper business at home or build one alongside your plan of franchising a sustainable energy business to maximize profits, creating one is relatively easy.

Here are the steps you need to follow to establish a personal shopper business.

Ensure You Got the Proper Skills

Before you start planning on establishing our business, ensure you have the right skills first as a personal shopper—which depends on what kind of shopping service you’re going to be offering. For instance, if you plan on doing grocery shopping, you need to have a good sense of bargains or deals to save you and your client money.

Take Care of Legal Matters First

After deciding that you have the right skills and dedication to start a personal shopper business, next is to take care of all the legal matters and paperwork. These include registering for taxes and a business name and forming a legal entity by choosing a business structure type, with sole proprietorship or limited liability company (LLC) as the most common ones. Don’t forget to get business insurance to protect your business.


Identify Your Target Market

In most cases, personal shopper businesses cater to older individuals. They’re the predominant audience seeking services as most are incapable of doing strenuous activities—like shopping and walking for hours. Additionally, they’ll likely enjoy personal interaction and be friendly when meeting face-to-face. Busy office workers are also a possibility.

Stick to a Niche

Find a niche you’d like to focus on early on and stick with until you master it. For instance, if you plan on becoming a personal stylist shopper, concentrate on offering shopping services for clothes. When you master that niche, you can expand to pharmaceutical shopping. Additionally, you should also provide promotional deals like discounted rates to allow your clients to see that your services are worth it.

Market the Right Way

Like most startups, a personal shopper business’s success comes down to how well you can convince individuals of your value and why they should pick among the others. You can do this by creating a list of advantages your business will offer and things like your experience in fashion or how often you’re willing to provide personalized services. Once you know the unique things you can give to your clients, it’s time to reach them.

Expect to find most of your clients online, so take advantage of massive social media networks like Instagram and Pinterest to promote your services and styles if you’re planning on becoming a personal stylist shopper or Facebook for older consumers. It would be best if you also considered creating an official website to allow clients to reach you quickly and give your operations more professionalism.

If you love shopping and have ample time in your hands, consider starting a personal shopper business to earn money while doing what you adore, helping individuals that are usually too busy to shop for themselves. The following steps mentioned can help kickstart your business with ease.

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