Financial Choices You Should Make in Your Twenties

While your twenties are the time when you’re starting to work your way through adulthood and trying to live your best life, one of the best and perhaps most important decisions you can make for yourself is to be smart with your finances. Not only can that provide you peace of mind as you get to settle your obligations and pay for your needs, but it can also successfully set your future up so that you can legitimately make the most of everything in the long run.

To make sure you don’t get stuck in a game of catch-up in your finances, here are some actions you should take while you’re young.

Get life insurance coverage.

Seek out a mutual life insurance company that has a plan that suits your budget and goals because as there are so many unforeseen circumstances and unknown factors in this world, it’s best for you to be prepared. Often, we associate this with tragic accidents that allow you to leave behind a significant sum to a benefactor. While that is, indeed, a reason to consider, permanent life insurance also works as an investment that nets you accumulated cash value. For certain packages, it can also help you get coverage if you get sick or have a major hospitalization.

Start being serious about savings.

According to a national baseline survey conducted by Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas, only a little over 40% of Filipinos have savings. The problem here lies in moments where there are sudden needs that require substantial amounts of cash at the ready. Being financially stable can also do a lot to ease your burdens with bills and expenditures. Beyond emergencies and the like, having ample savings can also be proper preparation for retirement so that you are not bound to your job forever.

Avoid unnecessary debt

The same survey revealed that most people have debt, so make sure you steer clear of that kind. You should consider if you need more than one credit card or if you can afford to get that new car or major purchase. Think about whether you have the means to sustain your lifestyle and pay off any loans that have accumulated.

Monitor your excess spending

Although millennials and Generation Z individuals aren’t prone to rash purchases as a whole, these core demographics still spend a lot of money on comforts that aren’t always necessary. Dining out, buying on-trend clothing, and updating gadgets and hobby goods make up a lot of the spending patterns of today’s twenty-somethings. Although it’s good to treat yourself, it would be wise to make sure that you aren’t putting all your money into short-term conveniences that won’t exactly benefit you in the long run.

Invest in appreciating assets

Emergency money in jar

If you’re going to be buying things for yourself anyway, you might as well make sure that what you’re buying is future-proof financially. If you purchase something, consider if its price will increase over time and if its value might shift with changing tastes and innovations.

By checking all these marks, you are setting yourself up for a more comfortable life. You can enjoy financial independence more easily because of smart choices during a time where you still have more leeway.

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