Five Home-Cooked Asian Dishes You Must Try Soon

Asian cuisine encompasses the regions of East Asia, Central Asia, South Asia, Southeast Asia, and Western Asia. The food that comes from this part of the world is generally known for the extensive use of spices that offer rich flavors that Western countries were obsessed with. This is the main reason why early explorers like the Spanish Ferdinand Magellan were willing to die just to reach the fabled Spice Islands (Moluccas) located in modern-day Indonesia.

If you happen to be a big fan of Asian cuisine and are rearing to personally try your hand in serving some of the best-known and well-loved recipes, then be sure to read to the end. These are five of the easiest Asian cuisines to prepare and serve to your family and guests:

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  1. Menudo.

    While Menudo is believed to have originated in Mexico, it is now among the top Filipino dishes that are served in town feasts, weddings, birthdays, and just about any regular dinner in households across the Philippines. This particular dish is so popular and well-loved in this archipelagic country that you can find several iterations of Menudo recipes in heirloom cookbooks as well as on websites that include a dedicated easy recipe for tasty Menudo. This dish includes ingredients such as pork, liver, potato, bell pepper, tomato sauce, black pepper, raisins, and green peas. It is rich in Vitamin A and iron which are both great for one’s health.

  2. Pad Thai.

    Pad Thai is as Thailand a dish as you can go. This noodle dish is easy to prepare: all you need is 20 minutes and you can whip up a bowl of freshly-cooked Pad Thai for your waiting guests or family. This stir-fried noodle recipe dates back to the beginning of World War II when it took on the role of a national unifier among Thai people. To prepare it, you’ll need dried shrimp (or boneless chicken skin), pressed tofu, bean sprouts, wide rice noodles, fish sauce, lime juice, cayenne and bell pepper, garlic and green onions, and eggs, among others.

  3. Sukiyaki.

    You’re probably wishing this entry is about sushi or maki, but for the purpose of giving a Japanese cuisine that has lots of healthy ingredients in it, Sukiyaki is a great choice. This hot-pot meal includes ingredients such as tender beef cuts, Japanese sweet corn, Chinese cabbage, konnyaku noodles, mushroom, and shungiku leaves properly flavored up by soy sauce, mirin, and sugar. It’s an excellent dish for communal gatherings since it’s what the Japanese serve Sukiyaki for.

  4. Laksa.

    This heavenly dish is well-loved across Indonesia, Malaysia, and Singapore for its characteristic tamarind flavor — perfect as a comfort dish for anyone. Laksa comes in different iterations such as Sarawak, Katong, Curry, Penang, and Assam, which only means you’ll have plenty of flavorful choices to pick from. A hot bowl of laksa typically has seafood, meat, veggies, noodles, and broth and is typically served by hawkers in Asian streets.

  5. Noodle soups.

    Who doesn’t want a steaming bowl of noodle soup on a cold and gloomy day? China, one of the world’s oldest countries, has a lot of variations of noodle soups since noodles have been a staple part of their diet for many centuries. You can quickly prepare a home-cooked Chinese noodle soup topped with chicken drumsticks or sausage and garnished with pickled long beans with a nice touch of Sichuan peppercorns for that extra kick. You won’t go wrong serving this dish to your Asian food-loving friends and family.

Which of these Asian food recipes do you think you can prepare with ease? Have you tried any of them? Please leave a comment below.

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