Five People You Need to Get More Clients for Your Construction Business

Growing your construction business’ client base can be quite a challenge. After all, there are so a lot of companies like yours that might offer the same services for a portion of the price you are selling them. There are a lot of reasons some construction companies can lower the costs of their services. They can be directly sourcing from the manufacturers of building materials. They may have their own hardware and lumber store. It can also be because they are paying their employees less than you do yours.

Whatever the reason is, it’s such a nuisance and annoyance for construction business owners to know that another company can offer the same services at a much lower cost. If you are operating in the same area, then that means most of the clients are going to your competition. How, then, are you going to build your clientele?

This is the reason you need people with the right skills to help you with the actual work of completing projects and actually attract clients to your business. A construction company isn’t just about the projects themselves. They have to get to that point of signing the contracts first. That is the significance of having the right people in your business.


There are a lot of field engineer job opportunities because there is also a high demand for them. Field engineers are people you send, yes, to the field for mechanical and technical functions. They are the ones you can trust in terms of assessing a project’s cost and risks. They conduct site inspections, ensure compliance, do feasibility studies, and manage the work schedule of other field employees.

They can make reports on how they assessed a specific project. Engineers usually manage the workers—handymen, masons, carpenters, plumbers, electricians, etc. They give prompt recommendations to the clients, project managers, and even directly to business owners. Since most owners of construction companies have a background in either engineering or architecture, they employ engineers from different fields of study to help them manage projects and people.


people discussing about their job

No business can survive today without marketing experts. Marketers will help raise awareness about a company such as a construction business. They will use traditional and modern media to reach out to potential clients. They will build a team of people—graphic artists and content creators—that will build awareness about your brand. Also, marketers know how to reach out to identify your audience and reach out to them through a medium that they are comfortable with.

Customer Service and Retention Representatives

The most important thing about a construction company is the quality of services it can deliver. The second most important thing is the way it serves customers and how willing it is to bend over backward to accommodate their needs. Construction businesses are built on the back of word-of-mouth recommendations. They thrive on the good feedback they get from their past clients, who will then recommend them in their network of families and friends.

Social Media Managers

While marketers will use traditional and new media to reach potential clients, social media managers will be focused on your presence on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. They are going to post content and answer inquiries. They will engage potential clients and possibly get a few contracts drawn up.

Social media managers will make sure to address problems on social media. You should know by now that clients tend to use social media to post complaints and recommendations. Companies have to be on the lookout for negative perceptions owing to these posts.

Account Managers

Potential clients will have to meet with account managers to negotiate the terms of the contracts and sign those contracts. If they are not satisfied with the meeting, they can back down from hiring you. This is the reason you need account managers who have a solid understanding of what clients expect to hear. They are the gatekeepers, and their ability to negotiate the terms of the contract will influence the clients’ perception of the business.

You cannot expect clients to find your company with a simple search on Google. The competition is tough. Companies are offering bonuses, deals, and promotions left and right. Do not let your company get left behind. You need the right people with the right skills to advertise your company’s competencies and highlight its potentials to would-be clients. This is a significant first step for ensuring you are on the clients’ radar when they start looking for a construction company.

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