Holding an Awesome Christmas Office Party without Nixing CDC Guidelines

Perhaps it goes as far back as childhood. When we wanted to do something whimsical such as rolling in the snow or jumping up and down the bed for hours, and yet we’re told to stop by our parents. We can’t help but feel bad. But we obliged fearing the almighty whip and punishment.

Well, you may not think it but that sure sounds like the case we have for Christmas in America this December. If you’re still working in the office, you know it’s about time you wear those party hats. And get your naughty-not-nice out front. It’s a wonderful tradition filled with Instagram-worth memories. Right? ;

Let’s face it though. This isn’t really the kind of winter where you can stay loose and forget about the world. The pandemic, with all its warnings, has kept us in a tight box. But that’s not to say you shouldn’t have fun. Let’s enumerate some ways you can get your office party in high spirits without breaking CDC rules and endangering your office mates and frightening your bosses.


Make It a Virtual Event

Hands down, this is the safest option in the bunch. But don’t fret. Just because it’s virtual doesn’t mean it’s no fun at all. There are bazillion ways you can hold an exciting virtual Christmas party for the office. You just have to widen your imagination.

Well, the trick is to use technology to the hilt. You can up your event mechanics starting with a stunning free virtual invite from Punchbowl for instance. Then you can ask your team to observe a dress code. Add tons of crafty games and a virtual dinner. Before you know it, your adrenaline has rushed to the stratosphere.

Ample Space Defines It

Then again, CDC offers helpful suggestions should you push through with a company-sponsored in-person holiday gathering. One of the primary considerations is ample space.

Preferably, CDC wants you to hold it outdoors. That way you can have as much space to practice social distancing. Also, this means you will have to make sure your party suppliers such as the rental for table and chairs adjust to your floor plan. Tables and chairs, for one, are vital to the smooth running of the party and must therefore be arranged in accordance with space requirements beforehand.

Plus, you must limit your attendees to healthy employees only. Those that are deemed ineligible to come in for work shouldn’t be allowed in the party.

Of course, long-set safety protocols for good hygiene (e.g., masks, sanitizer stations) must always be observed. It’s best that the ground rules are set and announced well before the actual event. This will make adherence to the rules a lot easier.

As for food, CDC recommends doing away with self-service food carts or pot-luck meals as these can attract crowding.

Additionally, employers may opt to have workers sign a waiver acknowledging the event is voluntary. Plus, you need to plan ahead of time the fun activities for said party. Make sure the group can have fun without actually touching one another.

It sounds like a tall order. But with the virus still out there, it’s better to err on the side of safety.

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