How Virtual Offices Increase Productivity

Workspaces and working styles have never been more flexible. Modern workplaces are decidedly more fluid in terms of working hours, location, and measuring productivity. Nowadays, a company can have its headquarters in their home country and have its back-office support located halfway around the world while still operating efficiently. There are even companies that offshore their entire operations, from customer service to marketing and production, and still perform well while cutting costs. All of these are possible with a virtual office.

What is a virtual office?

A virtual office, as its name implies, is a technology-based office that encourages collaboration among its tenants. In this environment, employees can work together without needing to interact or meet with each other in the real world. Employees communicate virtually through e-mail, voice calls, and video conferences. Virtual offices allow businesses to have flexible working hours and even operate 24/7 and create a unique opportunity for its employees to work whenever they like, from wherever they are. Here are some of the advantages of working from a virtual office:

You get access to worldwide talent

Operating remotely lets you source the best talent internationally, allowing you to build the perfect team for your business. You are connected on a global scale, so having the most talented individuals in the world working hand in hand with you in making your company’s vision come true is now possible.

It lets you operate your business on a 24/7 basis

employee working late at night

Physical offices usually have actual business hours, usually eight to nine hours on business days. A virtual office can run 24 hours a day, seven days a week, as long as your Internet connection is stable and fast enough. This means that you can respond to your customers’ and clients’ needs any time, which adds to your company’s sales and ultimately, value. Plus, you no longer have to deal with building administrators or pay unnecessary fees to stay open when you need to be.

You do away with overhead costs

Virtual offices let you do away with office lease, utility payments, and other expenses that come with having a physical space. However, you still get access to standard office amenities, such as a dedicated local telephone number that lets you connect with local customers, as well as a corporate mailing address that adds to your business’ credibility. Additionally, virtual offices also feature a live receptionist, a specific company facsimile number, and customized voice mailboxes.

These are just some of the perks offered by reliable virtual offices in Singapore.

Increased productivity among employees

Comfortable and happy employees tend to be more productive, and this is something that virtual offices can offer. Allowing your employees to report in a rented office space acquired through seat leasing not only gives your team a lot of flexibility in terms of how they work, but you are also assured that there will always be dedicated seats for them in a comfortable setup. Your team still operates in a professional environment, so everyone can work efficiently. Choosing a virtual office that’s accessible to your staff cuts down their commute time as well, which means that they can focus more on work.

If you want to cut down on overhead costs, have the most talented employees in your team, and ensure that everyone is comfortable while working, a virtual office might be the best solution for you.

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