Ideal Businesses For Entrepreneurs Who Hate a Day Shift

If you can’t stand the predictability of a nine-to-five routine, quitting your job and starting your own business will be better for you. As your own boss, you can set your schedule and work at your pace.

But sometimes, even the most successful CEOs can’t help but return to the same routine. Their presence is essential in the office. Many of them are also the last to leave at the end of the day.

Thankfully, opportunities for remote and flexible work are increasing, giving entrepreneurs more ideas of a business venture suitable for their personalities.

If you’re still undecided on a business to start, here are some great suggestions:

1. Blogging

Many entrepreneurs earned their success from blogging. It’s indeed a fun and profitable venture because you can discuss the things you love and earn money from it. You don’t even need to spend anything to start a blog.

A fast internet connection and a good laptop are all you need. Free blogging platforms are available, sparing you from buying a domain.

Earning money from blogging starts when companies tap you to post engaging content about their product. When your posts meet the company’s goals, you’ll not only get paid but also develop a relationship with them. In turn, your network will grow, and you can increase your charges.

2. Market Researching

Startups need market research data before launching, so that’s when you enter the picture to provide the service for them. As long as you have the knowledge and skills of a credible researcher, you can expect a lot of clients.

3. Environmental Business

Since everyone is encouraged to help save the planet, it might as well start a business that’ll do just that. There are several¬†eco-friendly businesses, from bicycle repairs to organic products to recycling.

If you have a considerable capital, consider offering sustainable kitchen solutions for dining establishments. Restaurants generate a lot of food waste, which can turn into pollution. But with an oil filtration system, for example, they can reuse their cooking oil and save costs. Some companies offering this service are opening¬†environmental franchises, so go check them out. As a franchisee, you’ll get the benefit of having a well-known name from the get-go.

4. Creatives

From photography to designing to teaching, the creative industry offers plenty of exciting business opportunities. If you’re into photography, you can choose to focus on events as a wedding photographer, or in marketing as a fashion photographer. The startup costs are just higher, with all the professional equipment you’ll need.

As for designing, graphic design is one of the easiest ventures to start. You can launch your own one-person company, and begin reaching out to clients.

If you love teaching and are passionate about the arts, you can be a music or art teacher. You can use your own home as your school or offer home services to make it more convenient for your students.

5. Event Planning

event catering

Though hectic, event planning could be one of the most exhilarating businesses out there. You’ll meet and get to know a lot of people, make significant connections, and see your vision playing out on every event. You can be a corporate event planner who organizes meetings, seminars, and workshops. Or, a social event planner, who plans weddings, birthday parties, and other social events.

Social event planners typically get jobs regularly, while corporate event planners only work periodically, but may earn more. Consider this difference as you decide which type of event planner you should be.

Considering that offices produce mounds of paper waste daily, doing business out of it also helps the environment. Therefore, think of your dislike for the office as your way of making a positive impact on the world.

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