Maintaining Road Graders for Optimal Performance

Motor road graders are among the essential equipment in carrying out a construction project. These machines carry out hard tasks, and they need strict routine maintenance for continued performance. Skipping or failing to conduct the maintenance routine compromises the performance of a machine. The major parts of the machine include the moldboard, blade, gears, and hydraulic cylinders. When buying or renting a road grader for use, you will receive a manual. The manual contains the proper way to use and maintain the machine. The manufacturer’s manual should serve as the reference material when handling the machine. Here is a guide on the maintenance practices:


The traction of the tyres affects the equipment’s grade. You need to constantly check the tyre pressure, so it does not get lower than the recommended level. The treads on the tyres influence how deep the tyres get in the ground when moving. The recommended depth for the tyre tread is about half an inch.


Not all grader machines have these components in the original form. These components minimise the tasks that the moldboard has to carry out for cut-outs. Scarifiers have ‘teeth’ that wear out after much use. Inspect that the wearing down of the ‘teeth’ do not reach the pocket of the scarifier. It is cheaper to get a shank replacement than getting ‘teeth’ replacement.


Construction worker checking a motor graders partsThis part is closest to the blade and is majorly in contact with the ground. You should pay attention to the cutting edge of the blade. Some of the concerns with the blade are tear and wrong positioning. It is hard to dig into the soil with a worn-out blade. The blade may also be in the wrong angular positioning and affect its performance. For this reason, you should inspect the blade before and after carrying out any work. Failure to check the blade compromises on the mouldboard, which is a costly component of the machine.

Air Filters

The machine has air filters that clog any products from the fuel. When the filters have clogging particles, the machine will use up more fuel. The machine’s manufacturer has recommendations as to when you should replace your filters. Some machines have a mechanism that displays an alert signal when you need to replace your filters. Getting a pre-filter for your machine will minimise the dirt that goes into an air filter.

Operator Controls

Around the area where the machine operator sits are controls that enable the operator to do various tasks. Checking the state of these controls from time to time ensure that the machine remains functional. It is a requirement to inspect these controls for safety reasons.

Motor road graders are a huge investment for a construction or equipment rental company. Therefore, it is critical that the owner of the equipment takes care of the machine. Regular maintenance on the machine will ensure its optimal performance. Also, the machine will serve the intended purpose for long without experiencing a breakdown. That way, you can benefit maximum returns when offering road grader rental services.

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