Steps to Opening Your Physical Store

Opening a physical retail store can be good for some businesses. Because of the pandemic, people have been staying in their homes, away from public places. But because the virus is slowly being contained and eradicated by vaccines, more people are starting to go back to their workplaces, and customers are welcomed back to business stores.

So having a physical store may be a good idea for those who only have an online store, those who are planning to branch out, and those that want to relocate somewhere new. Here are some tips that you should keep in mind once you’ve decided to open your own physical store.

Assess need for a physical store

First and foremost, you have to evaluate the need to have a location for your business. Depending on your business needs, you might be looking at extra expenses that can temporarily hamper your present business transactions. If you already have an online store, weigh the possible returns from having a real-life store. You may be safer in your virtual business website because the pandemic is still here and some states are seeing fluctuating numbers of coronavirus cases every day.

So do your research before planning any construction work. If the need is justified, then you should start preparations right away to be able to commence operations early.

Find right location

Finding the right location is crucial in making the most of your business opportunities. The area that you will choose should be accessible to your customers. Your target market will ultimately factor in this decision that can either generate more profit or give you substantial financial losses. Being easily seen by the appropriate passersby can help you to widen your reach to the public.

Another detail to think about is the presence of competition. Having strong and established competitors around the area you’ve chosen can put you at a disadvantage. It will also limit the opportunities that you can take, as well as the marketing style that you may employ.

lawyer with a client

Take care of all legal factors

Next, you have to take care of all the legal paperwork related to your business like permits and licenses. Different cities and states may have different requirements that you have to process so look into state laws by asking the right authority. If you are still in the business startup stage, it is important to check the availability of your business name. You also have to look into different kinds of insurance that your business needs to avoid any possible losses while operations are ongoing.

Start building the store

If you’ve chosen to rent out a space, you’d have to assess your business’ ability to comply with the terms of renting a commercial property. If you plan on starting from scratch and building your own structure, contact your chosen construction company to start building your new business location.

Also, look into getting a surety bond for the construction. There are many types of surety bonds such as legal bail bonds, sales tax bonds, and business service bonds, but in your case, a construction surety bond should protect you in the instance when the construction company cannot comply with the agreed-upon details in the contract.


Once your store is ready, you will have to work out how you will reach your customers. Physical stores are easily ignored by people when it doesn’t stand out from the premises so try out different ways to attract customers’ attention. Grand opening events are common ways to hype up a crowd and tell people of your brand in one go.

Others go on social media and online stores to interact with online users, which can be more cost-effective but less personal. Your marketing strategy should be unique to help you stand out and establish your business in the industry.

These steps should help you to prepare well in opening your physical retail store. From the process of planning your setup to marketing your newly-opened business, you should be ready to receive your customers and give them the best products and services that you can give. But as mentioned before, the pandemic is still a danger to all of us and can still threaten the safety of your employees and customers.

Be strict in implementing the COVID-19 safety protocols inside your store to prevent new cases from spawning in your store. This should also help to avoid losses from having to halt business operations while sanitizing the entire store premises. So keep yourself, your employees, and customers safe while making the most of your new business location.

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