Pointers for Starting a Juice Bar

The current and probably long-lasting trend for healthy eating has opened the market for businesses like juice bars. What can be healthier than all-natural juice, especially if it is organic? However, there are some things you need to know about starting a juice bar smoothie business:

Local laws

You need to know the specific laws in the area where you plan to set up. A juice bar in the USA can sell raw juice direct to people if they have the right license. The requirements to run one might vary by state. Usually, you need both a vendor license and health permit. Juice bar franchises can mass-produce juice to sell in all their stores as well.

Labor issues

People that work at your juice bar need proper training to prepare the raw fruit or vegetable for juicing. While this is not all that difficult, there is still a risk of improper handling and injury, especially on a busy day. Aside from the problem of finding replacements, you might be liable for worker’s compensation. You can avoid all of that by opting to sell bottled natural juice instead of dealing with raw materials directly.


Freshly squeezed juice means you need to keep a good stock of fresh fruits and vegetables in your store. That is not always easy, as these have short shelf lives. The prices also fluctuate, which can be a problem as well.

You cannot afford to run out of stock because it is bad for business. If you can find a reliable supplier of cold-pressed natural juice, that could solve all your problems.


Finding a good location is always a challenge for any business, including the juice bar smoothie business. An excellent location can net you about $800,000 a year, but a bad one can spell financial disaster for you. A good rule of thumb is to choose a high-traffic area, but that usually means high rent as well.

You will have to do a cost-benefit analysis for all your expenses before you start. That can be a bit complicated for most people. If you choose a juice franchise, the company will do all that for you. You will not be able to get a franchise if they think the location you want is not going to be profitable.

Juice barCompetition

One of the biggest problems with any startup business is competition. People tend to choose brands they recognize, and that includes the juice bar and smoothie business. You will have to build brand recognition in your area, but that will take some time and a lot of effort.

It will undoubtedly help jumpstart your store if you carry a recognized brand for your juice bar. A franchise also takes care of much of the training, startup costs, and marketing as part of the fee you pay. It requires a considerable investment, but it is usually worth it.

Starting a juice bar or smoothie business is a great idea. However, you need to know what you are getting into before you do. In most cases, opting for a franchise rather than an independent brand solves many of the challenges.

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