Prepare for Career Advancement with Unusual but Useful Advice

Want to secure a position you want? Know that you can only achieve this through hard work. Standing out, having the right attitude, and the right skills can help you achieve your career goals. That is whether you just recently graduated or is already a professional wanting to change careers. If you need more advice on how to do this, here are some interesting tips you can try.

Provide Possible Solutions to Problems

During an interview, you are often asked what you can do to help the company. Many would answer they can be a valuable asset to the company. But know that such statements without a track record to back you up will be meaningless words.

If you don’t have a record that can secure you the position, you will have to be a lot more creative. Remember that your goal is to stand out and get ahead of other individuals vying for the job. What you need is to think of ways to help solve current business issues and present them with practical but doable solutions.

For instance, you’re applying for a job as a marketing specialist for a local retail store. Do a bit of research and see where you can improve the company’s marketing efforts. Keep in mind the latest marketing trends and check how well they fare with their rival companies.

For example, you can present your idea of using recycled reusable shopping bags instead of regular plastic bags. That is to show their customers they are now turning their efforts to become a more sustainable brand. Explain to them that sustainable practices are a big deal among eco-conscious consumers and that this can help them garner more clients in the process.

Be the Guy Who Takes the Job Nobody Wants

Many won’t bother applying for jobs nobody wanted because these are usually the jobs the demand the biggest investments. One may need to invest more time, effort, energy, and skills to accomplish the responsibilities involved. That is precisely why you need to step up and take the opportunity.

In taking on such a challenge, you may need to step up your game, learn new skills, and learn from other people. You will need to find simple ways to address the issues involved in a way no one has ever attempted to do so. But being one of those who is keen to take on a challenge will instantly help you stand out.

Take the job no one is interested in taking, and you will be an indispensable member of the team. Your boss will see you in a different light, and you can become their go-to person. Soon, they will realize your worth, and you can secure your position in no time.

Reach Out and Market Yourself

Many of us are afraid to reach out and network for fear of being ignored or rejected. But in reality, those who have the courage to promote themselves can get ahead of their competitors. You can earn the respect of businesses and get to know some leaders in the industry.

Showing initiative, expressing your interest, and giving them possible solutions to their current pain points can help you land the job you’ve always wanted. Better yet, you can form partnerships and even find yourself a mentor. Learn how to market yourself while you add skills to your bank so you can achieve better results.

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Don’t Be Afraid to Send Follow-Up Emails

Many emails are sent and received by recruiters. The same goes for professionals wanting to secure a better job. But then, many are left hanging because someone failed to send follow-up emails, which can have an impact on your career.

After an interview, it won’t hurt to send your recruiter a follow-up email. A simple thank you letter will do to show you appreciate their effort for taking time to accommodate you. After a week or two and you still haven’t received news about your application, you can always send another email asking for a follow-up just to let them know you exist and is still interested in the position you applied for.

Learn When to Leave so You Can Grow

People leave their jobs, but not everyone does it for the wrong reasons. Others choose to go when there is no more room for growth when they want to venture into another field or earn more. If you’re looking for an excellent reason to do the same, it can be so you can continue to grow. Of course, this depends on what you want in life, what your needs are, and what your goals are. If you made up your mind to leave your current role in search of a better position, make sure you leave your current company in the best way possible. Avoid bad-mouthing your old company and stay professional at all times.

That shows that to experience career advancement, patience, hard work, and determination are what you need. Learn when to say yes and when to say no. Dare to be a better version of yourself and others.

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