Rebound: New Business Prospects in a Post-pandemic Market

The doom and gloom scenario about COVID-19, the impending stock market crash, and everything else that is going wrong in the world can be discouraging, indeed. The entrepreneur, however, always sees the silver lining, ready to see opportunities amidst a crisis. Even as companies file for bankruptcies, markets tumble, and unemployment percentages rise, there are truly new avenues for growth in the middle of the pandemic and beyond.

In-demand Services During the Lockdown

In-demand businesses these days include those that provide coronavirus sanitizing service especially in corporate offices, production sites, and large areas where people normally converge for work. They specialize in sweeping and treating surfaces and contact areas with proven chemicals and other agents against bacteria and viruses.

Suddenly, there was also a demand for manufacturers of personal protective equipment (PPE) which include face masks, overall gowns, medical gloves, and face shields, to name a few. The normal supply could not meet the demand as the surge in infections brought hundreds of people to the hospital. Citizens were also advised to wear masks outside their homes at all times, making the demand even higher.

New Emerging Business Opportunities

Delivery Services

Even as the COVID-19 infections rose and government restrictions were imposed on the public, the truly entrepreneurial souls looked at the situation and saw openings for new businesses. Almost overnight, new delivery service companies were put up, helping people order food, water, and other essentials to be delivered right at their doorstep. Restaurants that were on the brink of bankruptcy resurrected when they converted their dining halls into food packing stations and had waiters take delivery orders around the community. On Facebook and other social media accounts, people offered artisanal food, even customized facemasks, and other products that had a ready market. Other items that were put up for delivery included medicines, groceries, and even computer parts and accessories for those who were shifting to a work-from-home set-up. These online sellers were able to generate income given the existence of delivery companies that covered several city blocks to entire cities.

Online Food Business and Delivery

One great thing about people going on lockdown is that their isolation at home released their creativity and entrepreneurial spirit. Kept at home because of the quarantine, people started baking and created unique cake decorations and flavors that were not available anywhere. Some cooked their family recipes and posted enticing photos on social media. Others packed sweets and other treats that were satisfying yet at more affordable prices. Other people who were at home doing nothing but surf the internet and cruise on social media are the same ones who see these products, prodding them to place orders online. In an instant, an ecosystem of newbie, artisanal food sellers was created online. Many were too tired of ordering the same thing from the usual fast food restaurants, anyway. Customers, especially foodies, were eager to try something new and affordable to satisfy hunger and cravings.

people at work

Fitness Coach Online

Another amazing innovation is in how gym instructors, yoga teachers, and fitness coaches were able to easily adapt to the situation. By harnessing the power of social media, they were able to get in touch with their usual gym clients and offered their services in either one-on-one coaching or a group class on Zoom. This arrangement actually works well for both coach and client since they do not have to leave the safety of their homes while having a workout session. ; In most cases, the coach only has to tweak the routine so that there is no need for bulky or expensive equipment that is usually found in a typical gym. Since the workouts are done at home, they make use of body weight for exercise programs like the HIIT (high-intensity interval training), yoga, and Zumba dance classes. Some fitness enthusiasts, on the other hand, already have basic equipment at home like dumb bells, a yoga mat, a kettlebell, and other small contraptions or weights.

Online Dietitian

To support fitness routines, wellness professionals like nutritionist-dietitians have also come in to meet the demand for nutritional advice. Many fitness enthusiasts and those who have weight and other health issues need to consult dietitians about their food and beverage intake. Some have realized that while they can spend hours on a workout, they can still fail at achieving fitness goals if they do not have a sensible eating plan. In some cases, clients wish to finally shift to a vegan or vegetarian diet and need expert advice on how to do it safely and effectively. Others have medical conditions and need nutritional therapy advice from a registered nutritionist.

Since most of these new businesses and online services were founded during the height of the pandemic, time will tell if the demand will remain the same as the world slowly returns to the usual routines. In reality, there may be no return to the old ways of doing things since we are already seeing a “new normal” of how things will work at the office, in schools, in other public places, and in our homes. Right now, these new enterprises are meeting people’s needs and so long as they keep customers satisfied, their business will continue to grow even long before the pandemic has gone.

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