Setting Up a Fashion Blog: a New Way to Promote a Clothing Store

A clothing shop is a surefire way to earn money for fashionistas and style mavens. And if you are one of them, you will surely love it—making money while doing your passion. You need to understand, however, that the fashion industry can be cutthroat at times. The competition can be fierce, and you need to do your best to stand out. This is something that many store owners often overlook.

After getting a clothing store franchise, you will then need to promote it. You need to look into the contract first if the methods that you are thinking of fall within the agreement’s bounds and limitations. If the deal allows you to go online, then by all means, do so! You can invest in Facebook marketing, but if you really want your brand to be relevant, valuable, and reliable, you need to set up a blog—a fashion blog that stylists can always turn to. Here are some ways to make your blog engaging:

Keep Your Blog Entries Short

You need to keep in mind that online audiences have a very short attention span. And if you want them glued to your blog entries, you need to keep them concise. If you are running an SEO campaign, your adviser or consultant can recommend writing blogs that have 300 to 500 words. You need to use the right keywords so that your followers can find you.

Your entries should be of value. So post content about how to dress up. You can have listings that critique red carpet appearances and street styles. Some entries can be about your followers asking of advice.

Keep It Visual

Your blog entries are supposed to be short, but you need to keep them visually appealing. This means that you need to put in more pictures. You can have photos of your models wearing your clothes that are styled in a certain way. Some posts can show a grid or flat lay arrangement of your clothes. Remember that your audiences are very visual individuals, and they will surely look for visual inspirations.

Come Up with Promos

Person getting her online reward cardYour blog should not just be about giving pieces of advice. There should be some engagement ideas to keep your audiences coming back. You can only do so much with a blog, but a safe way to attract viewers is holding a contest. It can be a photo contest where they can post their photos on your comments section, a trivia quiz, or even a puzzle!

Link It to Your Social Pages

You are running a social media campaign and a blog, so you might want to have an ecosystem that allows your audience to visit your social platforms and your blog seamlessly. Integration is the keyword here, so you need to link your blog and social pages to each other.

In the end, these are some of the things that you need to keep in mind if you want to run a successful style blog for your clothing store. You might want to seek the service of a reliable online marketer.

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