Signage and Its Role in Creating Safer Work Environments Amid COVID-19

When the coronavirus pandemic started spreading wide in March of 2020, people found shelter inside their homes. Retail establishments, schools, and offices alike all closed their doors and switched to online orders, virtual classes, and work from home setups instead.

Almost half a year later, the pandemic is still ravaging the world. But countries have started adapting to the new normal, so restrictions are being lifted one by one. This also means that stores, schools, and offices have started to reopen or are planning to soon.

As people step out of their homes and into offices once more, it’s important for an organization’s management to plan for welcoming their employees back safely. And the best tool that can help ensure this might be signage.

The Importance of Signage in Creating Safe Offices

Signage, including wayfinding signs, have long been a part of workplace design. From business logos in the lobby to wayfinding signs for restrooms and elevators, they can be found in every workplace. In the post-pandemic world, though, signs have more use than ever. They could be the best disinfectant in the workplace.

Below, we list down ways signage and wayfinding help create safe working environments for employees who are returning to the office.

1. Mark special entrances and exits

The “new normal” that everyone needs to adjust to, especially in schools and workplaces, includes having special entrances and exits. Examples might be an entrance for temperature checks or doors that only employees from certain departments can use to minimize intermingling. These thresholds need to be clearly marked and laminated with Oracal 200 so that they won’t fade and employees will know exactly where to go.

2. Enforce social distancing floor plan

Keeping people six feet or more away from each other is a critical step in preventing the spread of COVID-19. So, in areas where people may have to line up, such as the front desk or the elevator, putting reminders and markers of where they should stand and wait helps enforce social distancing. This also reduces the need for staff members who have to ensure that people are following social distancing measures.

3. Indicate handwashing and sanitizing stations

Soaps and hand sanitizers are among the sanitary items the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) advised employers and office management to provide employees with once they come back to the office. Let your employees know that you’ve provided them with these by indicating where contactless soap and hand sanitizer are placed.

4. Remind employees of proper COVID-19 hygiene

woman working while wearing face mask

By now, everyone knows the safety measures they must follow to prevent the spread of COVID-19. Still, it can’t hurt to put signs around the office reminding employees of these. For example, mirrors in the restroom are prime positions to install reminders above proper hand washing techniques and why they matter. With signage promoting hand washing, social distancing, and wearing a face mask, employees can be constantly reminded of their obligations and be diligent in following them.

The workplace that employees left earlier in the year isn’t the same as the one they’re returning to today. Through signage and wayfinding, though, they can still feel comfortable coming in knowing their employers care about their health and safety.

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