Snow Removal is More than Just Plowing Snow

A light snowfall is one of the most pleasant sights one could ever see. The whiteness of the snow gradually falling on your landscape has a peaceful, relaxing effect. However, we also have full-on blizzards and snowstorms, and their aftermath on your landscape design will bring you nothing near tranquility.

Taking out the snow can be a very vexing experience, and it can even lead to injury. For simple landscape designs, removing snow could be just shoveling out the driveway. For the more extravagant and intricate landscapes, commercial landscape services in Madison would also include snow removal services.

Snow Removal vs Simple Snow Plowing

The simple definition is that snow removal means you are actually taking out the snow from the site itself. Snow plowing is merely brushing the snow to the sides to make a clear path, like clearing out the driveway. The latter is can be done by an adult of average strength with a shovel. You will still have piles or walls of snow on the sides. Actual snow removal can be tricky and exhausting.

Snow removal is more often used in commercial settings. For businesses and buildings with sizable parking lots, they need to be free from snow. As they are a business, they do not want to waste any space just to store out the snow that was swept aside. They really need to remove the snow.

Snow removal is more applicable for urban lots, which usually consist of small properties. They may not have enough space to store the snow. Oftentimes, the driveway doubles as the parking lot so there really is free space to leave the snow lying around.

Since the snow has to be removed or transported out of the site, removal is more expensive than simple snow plowing.

Snow Plowing is usually practiced in middle scale residential settings in suburban neighborhoods. They are not as large as their pricier counterparts, but they usually have some room at the sides of the driveway. Snow plowing can be done by the residents but commercial landscapers also offer this service.

Complete Snow Removal and Management

car on the plowed road

For the commercial landscapers, they may offer a package of complete snow removal or sometimes called snow management.  They may have additional services aside from clearing the driveway or walkway.

Application of deicing products to avoid the freezing of concrete surfaces which will be slippery. Deicing agents can be sand and salt but there are commercial chemical products specifically acetate which is less corrosive.

Snow removal on the roofs is also necessary, depending on the architecture of your home. If the accumulated snow could fall back on the cleared driveways and walkways, commercial landscapers can shovel them off and remove them. They can also clear the gutters and pipes in order to avoid clogging.

Snow management billing depends on the extent of work, but for commercial areas and large, intricate landscapes, they cannot afford to wait for the snow to melt in the spring. Snow removal and management are much different from mere snow plowing in terms of cost, so the decision rests on the property owner.

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