Sports Sneakers: What Makes Them Popular and Expensive?

Almost everybody’s heard of sneakers: they’re stylish, they haven’t done out of trend, and they’re eye-catchers. But there’s more to these types of shoes than what most people think.

It’s no secret that the sneaker industry has always been a big business. Big company brands such as Nike and Adidas have been vying for control and dominance in the market. These multi-billion dollar industries are always developing new sets of shoes every year, and thousands of people are willing to line up for hours to get their favorite type of sneakers.

Compared to buying shirts, jeans, and any apparel, shoes are a whole other beast in their pricing. Typically, shirts, shorts, and jeans will usually cost us around $30 to 40 dollars, depending on the company that made it. But when it comes to sneakers, prices can go past $500. Of course, most of these prices are determined by different factors, but most of thee will boil down to one thing: class and prestige.

But what makes sneakers tick to the public? How did it rise in popularity, and what makes it such an expensive pursuit? We’ll be delving deep into the world of sneakers, basketball, and designer sportswear to bring you an answer to your question.

Their Rise to Fame

If you haven’t noticed, most sneakers will have their signature design, and you wouldn’t know which company these sneakers unless it’s their very own unique design or it has their brand stitched into the body.

What Are They Used For?

One of the perks of using sneakers is that they can be used in just about any event outside the court. But other than your usual date or casual walk across the city, what were sneakers initially intended for?


If you’re a fan of sneakers, you’re bound to be a fan of basketball and soccer (if you’re from Europe). But it’s not just limited to these two sports. A lot of companies have been making sneakers and shoes for different types of sports. Whether it’s tennis, lacrosse, or even baseball, you’ll see that these athletes have been using these shoes for decades.

Gym and Training

Most sneakers used for gym, jogging, and just about any physical activity are usually called trainers. Contrary to what most people think, trainers are a different “breed” of sneakers.

Most enthusiasts would say that trainers are great for wet floors and surfaces since the rubber sole can easily grip different surfaces. In some cases, trainers are also used for tennis and other performance sports since they generally have a longer lifespan on different textures.

When you’re working out, you’re not just sweating out water; you’re also losing much-needed sugar that’s key to much of our motor functions. If you’re looking for a refreshing drink while you’re sweating it out, some good sparkling fruit water will set you straight after a few sips. When you’re playing some basketball with your friends, it’s vital to be quick on your feet.

How Much Does It Take to Make One?

running shoes

Generally, most companies that make sneakers are quite transparent with their finances and usually show their users how much they have spent on production and other aspects of the business. That was in part of a few sweatshop scandals that were unearthed in just a few years ago. After that, most of these companies have taken action in addressing these issues.

But how much does it cost? Based on statistics, an average sneaker that would typically cost $70 will usually cost $15 to produce. That doesn’t seem fair for the usual consumer, right? Well, not really.

There’s a lot of thought that goes into shipping these types of products. Since most of these products are imported from developing countries, much of the prices come from the storage and the product’s international shipment.

Another reason why some sneakers get outrageous prices is because of some celebrity endorsements. Even today, most of the community is divided on whether the product’s price is worth it. Usually, most of those that would support the product come from fans of the celebrity.

No matter what brand they are, Sneakers will never go out of style, and that’s because millions of collectors and fans around the world will pay top dollar to see their favorite celebrities wearing the same shoes as they are. Ultimately, much of the price revolves are taxes, celebrity endorsement, and marketing.

If you’re planning on getting a pair of sneakers, go for it! You’ll be the town’s talk when they see your bone-white sneakers as you’re playing some hoops with your friends.

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