Steps for Setting up a Direct Mail Campaign

Even in the digital age, direct mail has its place. It can be a very effective method of marketing if done right. It has its perks compared to other methods of advertising. It is fast and relatively cheap, and you can be sure that your target audience has been reached. You can run it in batches to see how the responses are looking. You can also be sure of how many leads you are generating from your direct mail campaign, as opposed to online, when you are often not sure what your site traffic is being driven by.

Moreover, a large segment of people don’t use online platforms that often or never click on ads. Direct mail is an easy way to get to them. The crucial thing about direct mail campaigns is that they have to be done just right to generate a worthwhile response. Here is how to go about setting up your own direct mail campaign:

1. Find your target audience

The most important part of setting up a digital campaign is finding the right target audience. Even if you send out 15,000 mails, these will not yield a significant result if you haven’t targeted the right customer base. Think about what kind of people you need to attract for your business. If you are a real estate company renting out condominiums that are furnished, then you need to target your ad toward people in their late 20s and 30s, who are professionals and would prefer the condo lifestyle than having family homes.

2. Obtain a mailing list

direct mailing

The next step for you is to obtain the data on these consumers. There are many companies and vendors that will sell you mailing lists based on your requirements. Data processing for direct mail is a complex process, and it is best left to vendors who have the process figured out. You need to make sure that the data has been collected from a reliable source and is up to date and cleaned.

3. Be creative with your offer

You have to come up with an offer that is going to convince people to interact with your business. It needs to generate leads. The design of your flyer is very important as it has to be eye-catching and to the point. Your sales pitch should be made in the first three seconds before the flyer gets tossed out. You also have to decide on how to get your potential customers to engage with you, whether it be through scanning a QR code, calling a hotline, or mailing something back.

4. Analyze your response

Once you get your response, you have to analyze it to understand whether your campaign is successful. Was it a weak response, or was it overwhelming? Depending on the response you get, you have to adjust your campaign and business strategy.

Direct mail can be helpful to your business in many ways. It helps you get a feel for the market and adjust your operations accordingly. After you get started by following these basic steps, there is much more you can do scale up your campaign.

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