Summer Time Fun: The 9 Best Water Amusement Parks in Australia

kid coming out from the slide in a water parkSummertime is here! We have listed the top 10 best theme parks to visit this summer to beat the sweltering heat and have hours of fun with your friends and family. But first, you need to take note of everybody’s safety. Your safety is of primary importance to all amusement park operators, which is why regular check-up and maintenance of rides are observed.

They call in the best hydraulic equipment supplier, engineer, electrician, and inspector to ensure the public’s safety. If they find something faulty with a particular attraction, they will stop its operation immediately to prevent any unfortunate event to happen.

As the operators do their part in keeping you safe, here are some things you can do to make sure everybody stays safe and have the best possible time at the park.

  • Stay hydrated. Bring water with you and make sure to drink lots of it as you walk all over the park.
  • Be mindful of your surroundings. The crowds, noise, and attractions distract a lot of people. In cases like this, accidents are bound to happen anytime.
  • No trespassing. Restricted areas are labeled as such for public safety. Honor that rule.
  • Know your limits. Take note of the written restrictions for the different rides so you know what to expect and if you will get on board.
  • Do not risk your health. No ride is ever worth risking your health and life.
  • Obey the rules. Rules are there to keep you safe.
  • Notify the staff for any concerns. If you see something wrong with any ride or equipment, alert the staff immediately so they can do something about it. Better safe than sorry.

9 of the Top Water Amusement Parks to Visit This Summer

9. Warner Bros. Movie World (Oxenford, Queensland)

Get a taste of Hollywood in Movie World located on the Gold Coast. Have fun on rides and attractions like the Scooby-Doo Spooky Coaster, Green Lantern Coaster, Arkham Asylum, and Harry Potter sets. Families can also enjoy live entertainment with car stunts and the zany crew of the Loony Toons.

8. Wet ‘n’ Wild Water World (Oxenford, Queensland)

Sail through the Mammoth Falls, go crazy on Terror Canyon, or get some swashbuckling action on Buccaneer Bay. Wet ‘n’ Wild Water World boasts of a wide range of selections that children of all ages can choose from. The park is open all year long as pools and rides are heated during winter.

7. Jamberoo Action Park (Jamberoo, New South Wales)

With 40 hectares of land area, Jamberoo is packed with water rides, slides, and attractions that make it a great place for a family day out. It is known as one of the best theme parks in all of Australia and has always lived up to its reputation.

6. Dreamworld (Coomera, Queensland)

Australia’s largest theme park is divided into several themed areas like Ocean Parade, Tiger Island, and Wiggles World. It is also a wildlife conservation park that is home to about 500 different animals like koalas, tree kangaroos, and even tigers.

5. Magic Mountain (Merimbula, New South Wales)

This park is surrounded by beautiful greenery with picnic facilities making it ideal for family weekend trips. The admission is free but you will have to pay for the rides.

4. Aussie World (Coloundra, Queensland)

Simple classics like the chair swing, Ferris wheel, pirate ship, log ride, and more make this park fun and safe for families with younger children. With more than 30 rides and attractions, your $40 one-day pass is well worth it.

3. Adventure World Perth Australia (Bibra Lake, Western Australia)

Surrounded by breathtaking landscape and greens, this park has more than 25 rides and attractions that visitors of all ages will definitely enjoy. Admission is $129 for an adult and $123 for a child.

2. Aqua Fun Park (Twin Waters, Queensland)

This inflatable water park is known for its slides and obstacle courses. They are also known for their attentive and helpful staff and well-maintained equipment.

1. Wetside Water Park (Harvey Bay, Queensland)

Cute asian boy having fun splashing into pool after going down water slide

This family-friendly park has a wide selection of slides and pools for both the young ones and the young at heart. The park entrance and the other rides are free but you will have to pay $5 for ten waterslide rides and $6 to get on the FlipSide Board Rider.

Beat the heat this summer and head on to any one of these theme parks! Enjoy hours of swimming time and fun with your family and friends. And remember, observe safety at all times!

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