Surprising Marketing Tools to Consider for Your Business

Marketing is an ever-changing landscape, so plenty of new tools might pop up from time to time. While some of these new tools might not be relevant to your business, others could be game-changers that help you reach a new level.

The rise of technology, the movement of customers, and the digital trends make marketing so volatile yet creative. New tools help with almost every marketing activity, from content creation to customer research. It will be up to the marketers to decide which of these new tools they should use to support their goals.

Here are a few surprising marketing tools you must utilize if you haven’t already.

Logistics Fleets

If you’re looking for a way to get your business seen by more people, consider using your trucks and trailers for logistics and transport. Not only will this help you move goods around more efficiently, but it will also get your company name out there. And the best part is that there are many different ways to do this, so you can find one that fits perfectly with your business.

For example, you could offer free delivery services to customers who live within a certain radius of your store. Or, you could partner with other businesses to provide joint transportation services. Whatever route you choose, ensure that you prominently display your company name and logo on all your vehicles. It will help build brand awareness and create a positive association with your company in the minds of potential customers.

There are many different ways to use your in-house fleet to help with marketing. Since they are your investments, you can redecorate them to include your branding materials, especially the company name and logo. Aluminum trailers also provide the exact setup you can utilize for transportation and logistics. It can also help you boost your marketing efforts when transporting products, and they are a cheaper alternative to trucks.

Virtual Reality (VR)

A customer enjoying a VR experience

Virtual reality is still in its early days but is already making waves in the marketing world. And while it might not be suitable for every business, some industries could benefit from using VR. For example, companies selling high-end products or offering unique experiences could use VR to give potential customers a taste of what they’re missing out on when they feel hesitant to buy.

You could create an immersive experience for potential customers using VR, allowing them to test your product before buying it or even take a virtual tour of your office or factory. The possibilities are endless, and with the right approach, VR could help your business stand out from the crowd.


Customers are increasingly expecting businesses to be available 24/7, and chatbots can help you meet this demand. A chatbot on your website or social media can provide customer support and answer questions even when your team is unavailable.

Moreover, chatbots can generate leads and promote your products or services. For example, you could create a chatbot that asks visitors to your website about their needs and then provides them with relevant information about your products or services.

Chatbots are an excellent way to provide customer support and promote your business, so they’re worth considering if you haven’t already.

Live Streaming

Live streaming is one of the most popular marketing tools, and it’s not hard to see why. Live streaming lets you connect with your audience in real-time, providing an authentic and engaging experience.

What’s more, live streaming is also a great way to build rapport with your audience and create a connection with them. You can use live streaming to show the behind-the-scenes of your business, host lives Q&As, or give customers a tour of your office or store.

It might require a lot of investment, but live streaming is worth considering if you’re looking for a way to stand out from the crowd.

In-Store Displays

If you have a physical store, in-store displays are a great way to promote your products or services. You can use in-store displays to showcase new products, highlight special offers, or draw attention to your brand.

There are many ways to approach in-store displays, so it’s essential to consider what would work best for your business. For example, if you’re launching a new product, you could create a display that shows it off in all its glory. Or, if you’re running a promotion, you could use eye-catching signage to let customers know about it.

Wrapping Up

There are many different marketing tools available, and the ones you choose will depend on your business and goals. However, all the tools mentioned above are worth considering, especially if you are running out of ideas to try. Start experimenting and see what works best for you!

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