The 5 Most Successful Young Entrepreneurs in America

Entrepreneurship is considered to be vital in stimulating economic growth and a key to innovation. It provides job opportunities that are essential for people to enhance their economic status. The emergence of young and successful entrepreneurs contributes to the progress of a nation and the future of the youth, allowing them to revolutionize other people’s lives.

The following young people are America’s youngest entrepreneurs and hope they may become an inspiration to young adults to pursue their dreams of franchising businesses from ZOR411 and become business owners.

1. Hart Main

Hart Main is a young man behind scented candles. He was 14 years old when he arrived with the idea after teasing his sister about the candles he was selling for a school fundraising that some candles have girly scents. His sister didn’t expect that he would pursue the idea, but he did, and it became a nationwide success. His initial investment was $100 plus $200 his parents put in, and they all worked together to develop the candles.

2. Charlotte Fortin

Charlotte Fortin is a high school graduate when she decides to open up a business of her own. Following her dad and grandfather’s entrepreneur footsteps, and inspired by small and funky boutiques in California, Charlotte opened a women’s clothing store. Her business prospects are women ages 18 to 40. Her experience allowed her to grow up quickly and become more responsible. Despite her working hours, she is still able to have time with her friends.


3. Caine Monroy

At the age of 9, Caine Monroy is already a business owner, specifically an arcade business. After building a makeshift cardboard arcade, he set up in his father’s auto parts shop in Los Angeles. His business became popular with television crews, and excited children come to the store daily. Although it is unclear how much his business gains, on donations alone, he was able to raise $212,000. His business success became viral on Vimeo and YouTube.

4. Jack Kim

Jack Kim is the founder of Benelab. It is a search engine that makes donations. Kim was from Seattle, who has made search engines in the past and learned that it could generate revenue from little traffic. His business has a strict “no adults” rule, so he invited his classmates to be part of the “nonprofit organization with a startup vibe” team. He aims to get the company to $100,000 gains before he finishes high school.

5. Willow Tufano

Willow is a 14-year-old girl who lives in Florida with her mom. When her mother’s job was affected by the recession, Willow earned money through clearing houses and selling possessions on Craigslist. She came up with the idea to buy a house for herself, and in less than a year, it was out for rent for $700 a month. They were able to get back their initial investment. She is seeing another opportunity now that the housing market is picking back up again.

There should be no excuse in pursuing your dreams and becoming an entrepreneur. Knowing about these young business owners’ inspiring stories, it is clear that age does not matter nor how big or small your idea is. Entrepreneurship can be achieved as long as you get your business ideas blossom and put the work in. No matter how young you are, you have to believe in yourself and in your business idea.

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