The Different Methods of Laser Marking Stainless Steel

People are always looking for new materials and technologies to use. It could be practical for everyday use or it could be for fun items that are cherished more for their style than for their use in everyday life. The trick is finding the perfect blend of material and technology that results in awesome products that people just can’t get enough of.

Stainless steel comes to mind as a material that has been in demand recently. People just love how it is such a durable and long-lasting material for a lot of different items. And at the same time, it just looks so cool. Imagine having a stainless steel mug or tumbler for your own personal use. Your coolness factor would skyrocket aside from having a nearly indestructible item for daily use.

As for the technology involved, you have to go with laser marking for stainless steel. This is a hot new technique that is done using a laser engraving machine. There is practically no maintenance required when using this laser technique. This makes it a flexible tool for both decorative and practical uses. No need to break the bank to get the design that you want on your stainless steel item.

When it comes to the laser marking stainless steel methods, there are actually several. Here are four of the most common ones used.

Ablation Marking

Ablation marking removes a layer of material that is microns thin from the surface. This technique will result in a contrasting mark that is light in color. Very little heat is applied to the material with very little to no penetration. The settings used for this technique are very different from those used in both stains marking and engraving.

Dark Marking

Dark marking is a technique that provides a surface that lends itself to both colorful and trapping to the marked surface. All this while roughing up the marked area. Coloring can be wiped on and off and it will trap small amounts of the coloring in the rough surface that results in the dark marking technique.



Engraving is a common engraving technique used in laser marking for stainless steel. This technique creates a mark that is much deeper than ablation. The mark that results from it is very durable and long-lasting even in abrasive environments. Increased laser power combined with lower marking speeds is required for this technique.

Stain Marking

Stain marking is considered to be a technique that is non-penetrating. This is done by heating the material’s surface with the use of the laser. An oxide layer will then form and then create the appearance of the color on the surface of the material.

Looking at the different methods, you can see why laser marking on stainless steel produces a ton of results. Not only that, it results in stainless steel quality that is quite high. It makes for a world of choices that can be fun for both designers and customers. So what are you waiting for? Go for a personalized laser marked stainless steel item now and stand out.

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