The Freedom and Flexibility of Freelancing


Work is important for a person’s daily sustenance and their self-worth. The prevalent setup is a desk job that requires eight hours of work a day. But freelancing is starting to gain recognition among many professionals. Its appeal is based on its many advantages compared to its traditional counterpart. Here is a rundown of some that make this work setup shine.

A location-independent Job

Freelancers thrive in any location. As long as they have their laptops and an Internet connection, they are good to go. Because of this set of workers, office space franchise opportunities also abound. Coworking spaces have also grown in numbers. This is to accommodate people looking for comfortable places to work. Aside from these spots, freelancers work most of the time in the comfort of their homes. They can also be at beaches while enjoying the view, or practically anywhere. They have embraced the laptop lifestyle. This is a big step from being tied down to the same office desk for eight hours every day.

A Striking Balance Between Work and Personal Life

A freelancer chooses the projects they want to work on. Thus, they have control over the number of hours they have to put in. With this, they can plan their activities in conjunction with their work. They can also squeeze in breaks during their work time as much as they need to.

Most employees do not have this freedom. Some companies even have overtime when needed. Also, the commute to and fro the house and office also takes time. But it is not to say that freelancing is easy. It requires discipline to finish the tasks at hand so that personal plans can push through.


A Great Avenue to Improve Skills

Freelancing is a great way to grow. A freelancer can get jobs where they can improve what they already know. Also, each project will require a different approach. Thus, each one is a new beginning in itself. Completing a project means improving or gaining a skill set every time. That is why a freelancer’s portfolio is richer after each transaction. On the other hand, a typical job sometimes operates on routines. An employee may be working for the same company for years and still doing the same tasks as when they started.

A “No Colleague Drama” Zone

Work is stressful as it is. It even becomes more tiring when one has to deal with a nosy or bully colleague. Freelancing eliminates this nuisance. This setup involves the freelancer and the client. Communication is for dispensing instructions and important details only. Once everything is set, the freelancer can work in silence until the next set of instructions.

There are times when one has to work with a team. But again, the interaction is minimal as compared to an office setup. A person can be more productive because they have fewer interpersonal issues to deal with.

A Shot at Bigger Earnings

A freelancer offers their skills and expertise to different clients. This setup brings in more cash flow. For one, tasks are for a short time only. Also, a freelancer can accept many clients. It will all depend on their time management and skills. Each task may also have different charges depending on its difficulty. With these conditions, a person can control how much they earn in a month or a year.

If you are tired of your desk job, you might want to look at freelancing as a viable alternative. But there are many considerations when starting this work setup. Eventually, though, you will feel the benefits pouring in.

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