The Power of Your Clients: The Secret B2B Marketing Tool

Business-to-business (B2B) companies will utilize every marketing tool and strategy they can to attract customers. They will follow different methods and trends, all in hopes of expanding their respective client list. Some of the most common strategies include social media marketing, email marketing, and pay-per-click (PPC) advertising. However, all of those methods will contain marketing content, which will have more diversity. You have the written word, designated as long text-forms like blogs and short copies like social media posts. Videos, animations, and images will also be prevalent in different marketing strategies and platforms. Those pieces of content will be present in nearly every B2B marketing campaign. Companies will dedicate resources, personnel, and funds to ensure that each of those strategies will run and attract customers. But what if the most effective content is not about your services? Your client’s words can be one of the most effective marketing content for B2B companies, and it can happen in plenty of ways. Here are a few tips to help you make the most out of what your clients have to say about your services.

Client Testimonials as Prime Marketing Tools

It should be no surprise that client testimonials are effective marketing tools. Your services will be all over your marketing content, but they come from your company. It might not be believable when your B2B company promotes the service because you can enhance, highlight, and exaggerate everything you have to say just to attract customers. Once people read or watch your content, they might still have a few questions. Those doubts will make them hesitate, even going as far as considering other options. Your clients, however, have first-hand experience of what your services can provide.

Client testimonials start with B2B companies approaching clients a few months into the partnership. All it takes is submitting a form to get feedback, whether suggestions for improvement or comments. They might have something nice to say about your company and services, which you can then use to solidify your brand among interested but hesitant prospects. Those testimonials should be all over your business website, landing pages, and social media accounts, ensuring that your target audience knows that your clients feel satisfied with your services.

Established Presence on B2B Review Sites

Client testimonials can be impactful marketing tools, but they might still be ineffective when they come from your end. People might think that you left out other comments in favor of the ones that strengthen your company. Some might even think you made them up. Whatever they believe their reasons are, prospects might still have doubts if they come from your sites and accounts. Fortunately, the B2B community has review sites that you might not have control over.

Research is part of every potential client’s checklist before partnering with a B2B company, especially when the partnership has long-term implications. They want to know about the pricing, experience, and expertise beyond the marketing efforts. B2B review sites allow people to talk with each other, with some even having anonymous accounts. Since you have no control over what people have to say, your company must rely on satisfying services. When you know that your clients are happy and satisfied with the partnership, you can direct them to B2B review sites if you want others to know about their experience. It is up to them to provide you with a marketing pitch, even leading to referrals between people that don’t know each other. Their unfiltered comments can attract attention to your company, leading to potential clients unmatched by your marketing efforts.

Social Media and LinkedIn Exposure

Client testimonials and reviews can build up your company, especially from external sources. However, you cannot expect every target audience to find you that way. Once you find those pieces, you must expose them on every platform possible. You can incorporate those written pieces into your marketing strategies. Your email marketing thread is one of the best places for client testimonials. Once you finish your pitch, you can add your client’s words to establish that you’ve served people beyond their expectations. LinkedIn will also be an ideal marketing space for B2B companies, but your efforts might require external assistance. The professional networking platform can be tricky to approach, opening your company to strained relationships with potential clients because of miscommunication. Fortunately, you can utilize service providers with experience creating LinkedIn lead generation campaigns to help you out.

Final Thoughts

Your client’s reviews can do wonders for your B2B venture. They make your services and branding more credible, and you don’t even have to spend resources and funding to get them. However, you must incorporate them into marketing strategies seamlessly. Clients will get you referrals, but knowing that their word alone can attract attention can significantly grow your B2B company.

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