Things to Avoid When Washing Your Garments

The best laundry service company knows what they are doing to clean your garments. They are readily available to meet your needs. If you’re doing the laundry at home to save money, this guide will benefit you as it will highlight laundry mistakes that you must avoid. Learn more to protect your machine and fabrics.

Mixing Various Types of Fabrics

Separate heavy fabrics like several types of denim from light ones because heavy garments are abrasive to delicate fabrics. This will make it more natural for you to load the same kind of clothes that require a specific wash cycle level. Very filthy or muddy garments shouldn’t be mixed with lightly soiled ones. Use various baskets to presort dirty laundry.

Don’t Add Detergent Directly on Your Garments

The proper way of loading your washing machine is this:

  • Place the laundry in the washing tub.
  • Add water in the tub.
  • Add the detergent.

If you need to use bleach, add the water first in the washing tub, then drench the laundry. The final thing to do is to add the bleach.

Overusing Your Dryer

If you’re in a rush, your best friend is the dryer. The machine can dry your garment quicker. However, have you realized the amount of money that you can save when you air dry your clothes? If you have the time, do so.

Moreover, 92% of fires linked to washing machines are caused by dryers, according to U.S. municipal fire departments. Sometimes, not all oil residues can be entirely removed from your clothes during washing. For example, if your fabric was spilled with gas, do not put it in your dryer even if it’s already washed. This will help you avoid explosion and fire in the dryer.

Putting Delicate Garments in the Dryer

Pay attention to what you put in the dryer. The machine generates high heat, and friction can damage the functional components of your delicate clothing. Items that you shouldn’t be putting in the dryer include the following:

    • bathing suit
  • bras
  • rubber-backed fabrics
  • tights or spandex leggings
  • uggs
  • suede garments
  • dress with bling
  • pantyhose
  • dress with lace
  • silk

Mixing Socks with Upper Garments

Some people combine socks with pants, and it may work. You will be able to find your socks easily after washing. But as much as possible, refrain from mixing your clothes with socks. Socks can easily get entangled with upper garments.

Leaving Zipper Open

There’s a high likelihood that your washer will get scratched when you forget to close the zipper before tossing it in the washing machine. The worst thing that could happen is your loose zippers can quickly holdup delicate fabrics. Moreover, if you’re putting your bras in the washing machine, it’s better to invest in lingerie bags. Other people are using old pillowcases.

Leaving Upper Garments Buttoned

Woman Doing Laundry Reaching Inside Washing Machine

If you don’t unfasten the buttons, the washing machine can rip the buttonholes and damage the buttons. In addition, the button may get stuck and the washer won’t perform well, leading to mechanical damage as well.

To make your laundry day more bearable, avoid the mistakes most people are doing when washing their clothes. Wash day is not a stressful day if you do it the right way.

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