What to Do When Reopening Your Business amid the Pandemic

Following months of shutdowns and remote working, businesses around the globe are starting to resume on-site operations. Essential companies that kept their services open during the pandemic, such as healthcare facilities, pharmacies, and groceries, can offer relevant information concerning coronavirus or COVID-19 safety policies to the companies that plan to reopen amid the pandemic.

If you’re reopening soon, you might learn a thing or two from the establishments above. So, how do you safely resume your business while keeping your staff and customer safe? We have a few ideas below.

1. Train and Educate Staff on Coronavirus Safety

Training and education play a significant role in building new habits among employees and customers. Some U.S. companies have executed online training and education modules to familiarize employees with the latest safety protocols before returning work. You can copy these practices in the form of video materials that cover necessary information about COVID-19 and explain the company’s return-to-work process in detail. That allows your employees to have a full grasp of your safety policies.

2. Arrange for Organized Transportation

There should be an initiative for every company to provide proper modes of transportation to all employees. Organized transportation systems help your employees minimize the risk of exposure to infection during transit. Modes of transport can be shuttle buses, carpooling, or subsidized ride-sharing. Institutions can also adjust their working days and hours to lessen the employee commute.

3. Have Temperature Checks at the Entrance

Temperature checks are a must for all employees and customers upon entry. You can station a dedicated temperature checker at the entrance and equip them with contactless thermometers, as well as personal protective equipment. That helps prevent people with higher-than-normal temperatures, which might be an indication of sickness, from entering your establishment and possibly passing on what they have to other people.

4. Enact New Cleaning Protocols

cleaning materials

Business establishments must sig­nif­icantly develop their cleaning protocols. Apart from keeping hand sanitizers or disinfecting wipes available for your employees and customers, it’s also important to require your employees to practice proper hand hygiene and follow the safety protocols you established at the beginning. What’s more, it’s crucial to have regular cleaning and sanitation in your store or office. Fortunately, janitorial cleaning services for commercial establishments are easy to come by. Having regular cleaners adds another layer of protection by ensuring your employees and customers are moving around a sanitized environment.

5. Post-Coronavirus Safety Signs

By now, people already know the safety measures against coronavirus, such as keeping physical distance, wearing a mask, and washing their hands regularly. However, it doesn’t hurt if you put up signs reminding them to practice said safety measures. Doing so reinforces these measures’ importance, especially to the people who don’t want to follow them.

Put up signs about wearing a mask at the entrance of your store or office. You can also let your customers know you’re taking their temperature upon entry. Reminders about keeping physical distance should be put up on different parts of your store, and if you have areas where people have to line up such as bathrooms and counters, it’s also a good idea to place distance markers.

Times are tough for everyone, even business owners. But if you want to start building your business back up, the first step is following the reopening measures above.

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