Basic Tips to Prep Your Home for Winter

Many homeowners believe that chucking a few pieces of wood into the fire is all the prep they need for when the winter winds come a blowin’. Of course, this is very wrong indeed, and it could leave you shivering in your own home if you’re not careful. You can probably get away with a few cardigans, but if the mercury plunges all of a sudden, you’ll wish you gave your home a quick inspection before Father Christmas came around!

Prepping your home for winter requires a bit of spot-checking around your house, but don’t worry! There are plenty of ways to make sure that your house is protected from the cold. Sure, you can probably have a professional come by and inspect your home, in fact, you probably should. However, these basic tips will help you keep your home warm and toasty with minimal effort.

Give your House’s Heating System A Quick Check

Heating and air conditioning systems usually have a lifespan that lasts anywhere between 12 years and up to 15 years. However, that’s entirely dependent on how well they’ve been maintained and if they’ve been used properly over the years. Some people’s heating conks out well before a decade has passed, while some houses have 30-year old heating systems that go on without a hitch.

driving in the snow

Before the first snow falls, give your house’s heating a quick check: change the filters and have a reputable contractor give your heating a thorough inspection if you notice any changes in how quickly or effectively your home’s heating up. In Lanarkshire, ; you can look into having annual agreements with central heating installers so that you’re not left out in the cold when the winter hits.

Check Your Gutters

Your gutters do a very important job of draining your roof of any water. While Glasgow and Lanarkshire in general get around 5 centimetres of snow on average (and up to 10, if there’s a snowstorm), it’s always a good idea to keep your gutters free of any blockage.

If your gutters are blocked, the water doesn’t drain, and if it doesn’t drain, then you risk water damage on your roof, in your attic, on your walls, and in some extreme cases, in your home’s foundation. Don’t let it get this bad! While the snow is still fairly fresh, clean your gutters out of any dead leaves and other debris so that when the snow melts, they’ll have an easier time going down the drain.

Make Sure Your Chimney is Clean

Clean out your chimney and have your local contractor give it a quick inspection before the winter winds hit. Not only will having a professional give it a look-see help you clean out your chimney more effectively, they can also identify other maintenance issues should there be any.

If your chimney is blocked, you’ll have a huge problem with smoke when you try to light up the fireplace to warm up. Don’t let this happen as carbon monoxide poisoning can happen very quickly and with a lot less smoke than you might think.

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