Going Virtual: How Your Practice Can Get Back on Its Feet

At the time of this writing, the CDC has confirmed 3,355,457 COVID-19 cases across the United States. But the show must go on and, accompanied by strict control measures like social distancing and frequent handwashing, businesses are starting to reopen. These are particularly trying time for the owners of physical therapy practice, given the typically close contact between the patients and their therapists.

A lot of ways you can get your physical therapy business back on its feet is through digital efforts. Here’s how you can rebuild your business despite the challenges of the global health pandemic.

  1. Social Media Plays a Major Role in Physical Therapy

The key to brand loyalty is consistent visibility and engagement. The first thing you have to focus on, therefore, is your social media strategy. It helps to update your business hours, host social media events, and go live on Facebook or Instagram if you want to stay on people’s minds.

If you had to close down temporarily due to the coronavirus outbreak, your clients would wonder when you’re going to reopen. Announce your reopening date as soon as it’s confirmed. Announce any changes you made to your operating hours and processes as well.

Build hype around your business comeback by hosting social media events and countdowns. Engage with your followers through live videos. Give a preview of your techniques or remind patients of COVID-19 precautions at your premises.

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  1. Meetings and Consultations Are Turning into Video Calls

The first thing you have to focus on is client engagement. But you also have to pay attention to internal communications. That means making sure everyone is on the same page regarding your COVID-19 control measures at the practice, and answering the concerns of your staff.

These meetings usually occur at your premises, but given the situation, not everyone might be present in the same place at the same time. Similar to how you stayed in touch with your team at the start, you have to remain consistent with those conference calls.

See to it that your entire team is part of all the important conversations. They have to be aware of everything that needs to be done to ensure safety at your practice when you reopen.

  1. Therapy Can Be Done Through Telehealth

Finally, if y our practice hasn’t looked into telehealth procedures yet, now’s the time to do so. It is a way for PTs and PTAs to provide physical therapy services by using electronic information and telecommunication technologies.

Over the years, many practices have started to integrate telehealth into their operations. The COVID-19 situation speeds up this process and makes physical therapy practices realize the importance and convenience of remote therapy.

Reopen your business with full confidence that you can cater to all clients by using telehealth technology and various means of telecommunication.

Keep these factors in mind when reopening or restructuring your practice. They’ll help you stay afloat in this new era of physical therapy, and make sure you thrive during and after the pandemic.

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