Many people miss the guiding light to their path of success because they look for clues based on what they think success is and not what success really is.

Here’s what I mean. Let’s just say someone defines success as becoming a millionaire.

Most people would look at acquired stuff… cars, houses, jewelry, fancy vacations, etc. as clues that someone is a millionaire.

That stuff has nothing to do with it.

Actually, tons of broke people charge all of that on credit to make it look like they have it made, while many millionaires and billionaires live rather modestly.

You wouldn’t know they have it, if you didn’t know they have it.

In reality being a millionaire/billionaire is a mindset that can create assets and produce infinite cash flow.

How do you identify someone with such rare mindset?

It’s simple… Listen when they speak and watch what they do and how they do it.

Their words, thoughts and actions stand out but, not in a flashy way.

It’s more of an “Oh, wow! That makes so much sense”- kind of way.

Once you know how the millionaires/billionaires move and the crazy amount of work and being different that goes into it… you will know if that’s the path for you.

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